He suffocated in the car. He put his head in the ajar window

He suffocated in the car. He put his head in the ajar window

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The "black series" of unfortunate accidents that occur in cars is still ongoing. This time the reason for the death of a small child was not the heat.

A two-year-old with his older sister is left in the car. While playing, the boy puts his head in the ajar window, cannot free himself and suffocates. Dies.

Everything seems to indicate that it was an unfortunate accident. After a few minutes of playing alone in the car, a four-year-old ran to her parents with the information that "something happened to my brother".

It was established that the boy put his head into the hole of the half-moved window. He probably moved the window handle by the door handle himself, then all indications are scared, he slid to the right, where the opening narrows. It was enough for the tragedy ...

Parents are shocked. The case is being investigated by the police ...