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Healthy Homemade Chips? MSC International set

Healthy Homemade Chips? MSC International set

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When a child wants crisps and persuades us to something that we do not want to agree on, we can compromise: by preparing chips at home, in a fully controlled way - from selected potatoes, using your favorite spices, without additives that improve taste and smell.

Does it work? I have tested a product that I would like to recommend to you.

A few words about the product

MSC International is a Canadian brand that offers an interesting product - a small device for preparing chips. It is carefully made of stainless steel and plastic.

How it's working?

Just peel and wash the potato. Punch on a special plastic element that is perfect to hold in your hand and grate it. Then put the slices in a special "dryer" and season as desired, and finally put in the microwave for four minutes. We serve in the attached bowl or in another :)

In this way we get crisps - healthy, without the addition of fat and with your favorite additions. I checked - it's really simple and convenient!

Price: around 50 PLN

The product is available in different colors