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Your childhood memories. Results of the competition organized with Jelp

Your childhood memories. Results of the competition organized with Jelp

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Your competition answers surprised us once again. We read it with great pleasure ...

As many as 5 sets of products could be won in the competition organized with Jelp.
Each set includes:
1) JELP Color Classic powder 2.24 kg
2) JELP Fresh Gel 1l
3) JELP Sensitive fabric softener 1l
4) Spot remover 250ml
5) Hypoallergenic wet wipes

Jelp products reach the following people:

"I associate Children's Day with a sense of uniqueness. When you have four siblings, many things are common and you have to share feelings and objects. On Children's Day there was time for each of us separately and for all of us together. My mother did not blame herself for not passing the puddle, there were going to the playground, to the park, there were sweets and a lot of laughter. And now there are beautiful memories. "
Katrzyna Jórasz

"My childhood was in the 80s and although there were no FIKOLANDS, colorful ice cream and interactive toys at the time, Children's Day was special anyway! I remember when my parents took me to festivities in the park near the Bialystok Zoo, where they sold insanely large cotton candy, delicious crazy lollipops, waffles in the shape of flowers, and wooden and plastic funny toys like Mickey Mouse bouncing on a swing or a little girl's blue rings or pink eye. I remember with affection those times when Children's Day in summer was spent with my parents, and sometimes also with my grandmother, who bought Donald bubble gums at Pewex store ... This is one of the most colorful memories of my childhood! " Marta Janusz

"I am born in '79, which is a child (still) of the People's Republic of Poland. I grew up in strange times. Strange, because despite the fact that there were not many things, nobody really lacked anything. Even on Children's Day! My mother gave me big red lollipops as a gift. Dad got a whole pack of powdered orangeade, which - like every child - I loved eating dry. Grandpa baked me delicious butter cookies with orange peel (he was our family confectioner!), And grandmother? Grandma gave me unique, because of my own production, rag dolls, wool slippers (I loved them!) Or colorful socks, knitted. There were no expensive toys, festivities and lots of guests, and I was the happiest child in the world. " Marta Gawrońska

In the photo - me as an Indian (unknown tribe) and these wonderful socks, which my grandma gave me one June. :) "


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