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"We meet animals" puzzles

"We meet animals" puzzles

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Is there a child who doesn't know how a dog is barking or how a cat is mewing? Probably not. The little ones sitting in wheelchairs point their dogs with a finger and imitate the barking. And are there children who do not know the name of the house where the dogs live, or what is the name of the place where the cows live? For sure. And what do birds or sheep eat? On these questions are answered by the game I recommend.

The educational game "We meet animals" consists of 40 parts, but they are not ordinary, normal puzzlesthat make up one huge picture. WITH 40 items a child can form up to eight families of various animals. One animal family is included five large, colorful puzzles: mother, pet, father, pet, child, place of residence and food. Among the animals are sheep, cows, horses, dogs, cats, birds, chanterelles and even mice! Toddler by arranging the puzzle - pictures learns, among others who is the mother and father of a chicken or a foal, where these animals live and what they eat.

The puzzles have been tested by children at the age of 26-36 months and both the smaller ones (a bit with the help of an adult) and the older ones are good at dealing with them. The game "We meet animals" additionally managed by me was a lot of fun for both younger and older children. Is a great opportunity to develop vocabulary for animal life, but also develops imagination and thinking. If, in addition to solving the puzzle, you suggest to the children to show how the animals arranged by the child talk or walk, then you also have a positive impact on the development of child's articulators and general body motility.

The cost of the educational game "We meet animals" is about PLN 27.
Manufacturer - Maxim

I would recommend!