Natursept throat lollipops

Natursept throat lollipops

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A sick child can be cranky. He often refuses to take pills because he doesn't want or can't suck them. With a sore throat, he also refuses to eat. What in this situation?

The solution are Natursept throat lollipops. Is it worth it

Our three-year-old lollipop gladly accepted. Did it help for a sore throat? Hard to say. The child says yes, but how much does the lollipop influence and how much sugar? Was the effect not to increase the amount of saliva when licking a sweet lollipop?

Let's look at the composition:

sugar, maltose syrup, citric acid, natural aroma, ascorbic acid, Icelandic lichen dry extract, dense marshmallow root extract, dried chokeberry concentrate, sage leaf extract, beetroot red, copper complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins.

Vitamin C in 5th position, followed by Icelandic lichen and then marshmallow. Theoretically, there are some ingredients in the lollipop that can help. Unfortunately, there is no way to look for them in the first three positions of the composition - which suggests that they are few.

How it works? The manufacturer first of all draws attention to the fact that it moisturizes and refreshes.

The lollipop can be used for children over 3 years of age - three times a day.

Price? For 6 pieces - 8 zlotys.

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