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"Children's spiritual world"

"Children's spiritual world"

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Have you ever wondered if it's worth cultivating the child's spiritual world and how to do it? Where does this question come from?

I already explain ... So much space is devoted to the development of motor skills - general and hand-held, support the development of intellect - speech, learning to write, counting, and about spirituality - silence ... As if our internal, somewhat metaphysical and difficult to explain world did not exist. And yet it exists. Even if we can't explain it reasonably, rationally, then he is.

So, does a child need our support so that his spiritual world has good conditions for development?

How to support the child's spiritual world?

How to do it Is it possible to disturb the child's natural inner growing up or is it possible to support moral development? What can you do for a child in this topic so that his inner world is put in order and that he chose himself well? This tries to explain Mary Ellen Maunz in the book "Spiritual world of a child". Does she manage it?

The book is interesting, but ...

I wondered for a long time whether to recommend this book to you. Why? Because I have mixed feelings about her.

On the one hand, it is very valuable in terms of content, because it presents the Montessori philosophy in a great way and suggests many inspirations for solutions, explains how to talk to children of different ages, but on the other, its reception can be difficult for non-Catholics. Although the author also takes into account other confessions in many places, she does not convincingly do this, which she herself admits on the first pages of the guide.

Still, it is worth considering this guide ...

Thank you to the publishing house for sharing a review copy of the book.