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10 tips on how to survive hot days of pregnancy

10 tips on how to survive hot days of pregnancy

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At least a few very warm days ahead. Summer is coming soon ... How to survive hot days with a tummy? Here is reliable advice.

Reduce the amount of salt

This may seem obvious, but ... not all future moms remember that. You are twice as exposed to swelling during pregnancy as a result of high temperatures. Therefore, to prevent the problem and put it to sleep in the bud, reduce the amount of salt in the diet - the one from the salt shaker, but also that added by producers to ready-made products - snacks, sausages, bread, breakfast supplements.

Eat as little processed food as possible, in this way you will best control your menu and the amount of salt.

Do not overdo

Easy to write, right? It can be difficult, especially if you have older children or work ... However, on hot days, whether you want or not, you must slow down. It's for your safety.

You can help with massages that will relax you and reduce swelling.

Take off the rings

If you are in an advanced pregnancy, it's time to remove the rings and the wedding ring. If you don't do this, consider cutting your fingers .... I was joking ...

Swelling and rings, however, are a simple way to get into trouble.


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