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Burley Honey Bee bicycle trailer

Burley Honey Bee bicycle trailer

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A bicycle trailer is a great invention, more expensive than a classic bicycle seat, but with many advantages that the seat does not have. First of all, the trailer is much more convenient for the child, you can sleep in it, without the risk of getting wet, being protected from the sun and wind. The toddler can travel with his brother or sister, admire the surroundings through the transparent side walls, as well as play inside in the trailer - watch books, play scenes with mascots, or when hungry, eat or drink.

Basic information

  • designed to carry one or two children (45 kg load capacity),
  • has a walking wheel,
  • is not amortized (minus),
  • aluminum tubes and hinges,
  • has an adjustable handle that allows you to drive the trailer like a cart and acts as a safety cage,
  • the seat in the trailer is stretched inside on special belts. Such a system reduces shocks when traveling over uneven surfaces,
  • side windows with a UV filter,
  • low weight: 11 kilograms,
  • possibility of installing an additional seat / hammock for babies,
  • capacious trunk (26 liters),
  • inner pockets for small items
  • strong construction - on the top with the help of special straps you can mount a cross-country bike and carry it when your child gets tired of riding (however, there is not a word about it in the instructions, hence - at your own risk).

  • 24 months warranty
  • small dimensions when folded (folds flat),
  • quick folding and unfolding,
  • certificate and tests exceeding the requirements of ASTM F1975-09

Burley Honey Bee is the cheapest trailer from branded, proven products. We tested it on pavements, forest paths, even surfaces - it works very well. The lack of shock absorbers, however, forces cautious driving and slowing down in front of the sills and pavements.

Burley is above all secure. Even when the bicycle rolls over, it does not fall over. The safety cage design gives a sense of stability. Plus for a large trunk, in which we can accommodate everything necessary for a day trip.

The trailer has both mosquito net and rain cover. Inside, it has small pockets for small items. The back has two reflectors and is equipped with a flag as standard.

The interior of the trunk

The trailer can travel one child (then has a lot of space) or two small children (in our case, a one-year child and a three-year-old) and in this case the toddlers are sitting tightly to each other (but still comfortable). On the back of the seat there is a tape that allows it to lower and lower the backrest slightly so that the child sleeps more comfortably.

addition easy to break down. It is also light, there is no problem with lifting from a flat in the block.

A lower (yellow) model is available for sale - without a handle and a front wheel, i.e. without the option of changing the trailer into a pram - PLN 1199 The model we tested with the handle and the wheel costs PLN 1499.

I recommend it for any parent who likes cycling and wants to travel with toddlers.