Mattress for a child's bed: which one to choose?

Mattress for a child's bed: which one to choose?

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We want the best for children. It is obvious. At the first stages of development, however, we often have a tendency to overpay, especially in the context of the objects from which the child grows irretrievably. It is difficult for us to reconcile economic thinking with what the media propagates. We believe that only the most expensive mattresses are able to ensure a healthy development of the child. As a consequence, we fall into a mental trap and on this principle: we also buy the most expensive shoes, car seats, but even toys. Unfortunately, the baby grows up quite quickly from all these devices. It's good to remember this when planning your budget. Especially if it is not unlimited.

Important or not important?

The fact that the mattress plays a very important role in the proper development of the child is repeated from all sides. Some, however, believe that specialists exaggerate in this topic. They are convinced that choosing the mattress alone does not make sense to demonize, because in this respect it is difficult to make a mistake that would be able to negatively affect the development of the toddler.

Mattress dimensions

The main thing in the process of choosing a mattress is to pay attention to the basics. Size first. Children's mattresses are available in size 120 × 60 and 140 × 70. If your child does not fit in these standards, it's time to think about a new "adult" mattress, that is, such proposals that are also recommended for adults.

When is it known that a child has grown out of a mattress and should you move to a larger bed? It's easy. You should check that the mattress is at least 20 cm longer than a child. However, moderation should be kept here as well. Do not allow the mattress to stick out of the bed.

Let's remember that most young people are growing up to 20 years old, that's why a good-quality mattress is just as important for a six-month-old baby as it is for a six-year or sixteen-year-old.

Of course, the children's mattress will also differ thickness from adult mattresses. The first one is about 20 cm thick, while created for children about 10 cm.

What mattress hardness should you choose? Until several decades ago, it was believed that a mattress for a newborn should be hard. Today, however, it is recommended to choose an average hardness that will combine comfort with the general indications in this topic.

The degree of hardness should be selected for baby's weight. And so, sponge mattresses so often criticized, if they are selected in good quality, are able to give good support for a more flexible spine. The weight of the child is so small that you do not have to be afraid of permanent deformations of the material from which the mattress was made. With age, and especially in adults, the mattress should be chosen so that it does not cause back degeneration.

Good habits

A mattress once purchased, even the most expensive, will obviously not be used until the child moves out of the house. Some experts even recommend that it be replaced for other children, so that it does not happen that one toddler is sleeping after the other on the same mattress, which in their opinion may lead to posture defects or cause a decrease in sleep comfort. In this way, they suggest that the mattress is similar to shoes that adapt to the shape of the foot and walking style. However, for many, such recommendations seem exaggerated. What's the truth? Each parent should make his own decision, balancing all pros and cons.

Certainly, a good recommendation that will extend the time you use the mattress is to teach your toddler to did not jump on the bed (although it will be very difficult even for a spontaneous lock) and by he did not eat in bed. In the latter case, stains may be difficult to remove. Therefore, prophylactically it is good to opt for a mattress cover and a special sheet to protect against stains. The good news is that most covers can be washed at 60 degrees, which gives a good chance that all stains will disappear.

What mattress for a newborn baby?

It happens that after birth, the child sleeps everywhere only in bed: next to the mother's breast, in a sling, in a pram or in a shared bed with parents. However, despite this, parents decide to buy a newborn mattress, suggesting that such the baby spends up to 20 hours a day asleep and that it must have good spine support.


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