BoboLider competition on Facebook. Win diapers!

BoboLider competition on Facebook. Win diapers!

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Dear Parents,

we have a great contest for you, 100% prepared for our Facebook fans. Regardless of why you like us, we are very pleased and thank you :)

This time the fun takes place in a special application and consists in arranging pairs of selected graphics in the shortest possible time and using the minimum number of moves. This game is memory ... Have you had an opportunity to play it?

You can play every day

Be sure to try your hand!

If you're not doing well, keep your head up: you can play every day and keep track of your score, checking if you have a chance to win.

If you additionally share the results of the competition on your Facebook board, you will take part in the prize draw for surprises prepared by the editors of There is something to fight for :)

We play memory

Graphics are not accidental, because the pictures show products from the BoboLider assortment. Why?

Because BoboLider is the sponsor of the awards in the competition.


To win:

three sets of three diapers in each set:

  • Reusable nappies BOBOLIDER ECO Polandia + microfibre insert. NEW - 2014 collection! See here.

Three people win in the competition.

Regulations: the most important points

  1. An adult may take part in the competition.
  2. The competition runs from May 12 to May 26, 2014 (until midnight).
  3. You can play once a day.
  4. You can join the competition on Facebook in the competition application.
  5. The fun is to arrange pairs of graphics in the shortest possible time in a minimum number of moves.
  6. People who share their score on the leaderboard after the end of the game take part in the prize draw for surprises.
  7. Three people who get the best result will receive a set of three BoboLider Eco Polandia diapers.
  8. After the results have been announced, the winners will be notified of their winnings via the Facebook application.
  9. We wait for the address details for two weeks from the announcement of the results. After this time, the right to the prize will expire.
  10. The prize is sent by the prize sponsor: Bobolider.

Take part in the competition!

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