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Children born in May

Children born in May

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It is said that May is the most beautiful period of the year, a month of lovers, a time conducive to changes in life, sport activities and trips. Usually the weather is nice, nature comes to life, the flowers smell strongly, and the mood becomes much better.


Many flowers bloom in May: Lilies of the valley, peonies, red poppies, forget-me-nots, bird cherry, varieties of lilacs, cotoneaster, chrysalis, jasmine and spirea. They appear colorful in home gardens tulips and daffodils. Flowers appear beautifully on park trees maple and chestnut.

The meadows are yellow at the beginning (when dandelions bloom), then pink to turn yellow again (when glaucoma blooms). In addition, the landscape of meadows diversify colorful butterflies, especially the page of the queen and nymph admiral. In the evenings, beetle flights begin.

Those born in May have a lily of the valley, a marigold or a daisy as their patron.

May children be happier?

Professor Richard Wiseman decided to study the relationship between the month of birth and the degree of happiness felt. He managed to determine that the children who are born in May and at the beginning of summer are statistically more pogodAD than those born at the end of autumn and winter.

The experiment was carried out in Edinburgh International Science Festival with 40,000 people. It turned out that the most happy month for childbirth is May, and the least "optimistic" October. Professor Wiseman is of the opinion that the reason may be greater optimism of parents, a more cheerful attitude to the hardships of the first weeks with a small child who fall in the early warm months of the year than in the winter months.

People born in the warm months usually have more optimistic approach to life, they consider themselves happier, which translates into increased chance of achieving success in various areas of life.

More sick?

In England, it was believed for a long time that May children were sick and weak. This was justified as follows: the pregnancy in which the child was developing lasted throughout the winter, the worst period of the year. However, its solution took place in the pre-harvest, considered as equally difficult for agrarian societies. During this period, supplies were running low and there was not enough food for a young mother to eat healthy food and feed her child.
Of course, this problem generally does not exist today ... That is why this superstition is losing importance.

Greater risk of developing multiple sclerosis

Recent studies (Queen Mary and University of Oxford) indicate that children born in May may be more likely to have multiple sclerosis than babies who are born in other months. All because of low amount of vitamin D (children born in May had an average of 20% less vitamin D than those born in November) and elevated auto-reactive T cells. Previous studies have shown a strong relationship between vitamin D and MS risk.
Other research results suggest that children born in May are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and asthma.

Less chance for money?

According to research conducted by Office for National Statistics, children born in May are less likely to have dizzying careers and high earnings than children born in January, for example. They are more effective in "typical" professions, in which one does not turn out big cash and does not take much risk.
However, many people find the results of this research absurd. What do you think?

Less chance for a sports career?

Births in May are expected to have a smaller chance of a career in sport, especially in football. David Beckham is supposed to be a notable exception.

What do the stars say?

Children born in May are influenced the planet Venus and the Taurus signand after May 21 Gemini. This is why they are considered stubborn on the one hand, and stable on the other in terms of expressing their own judgments and emotions that the people closest to them give them. Bulls are said to be endowed with excellent intuition, strong will and powerful layers of common sense. They are also distinguished by talkability and loyalty (especially if they keep the secret entrusted). Twins, in turn, are considered open, loyal, sensitive and mobile. In their actions they are guided by reason and are open to changes, which is why they easily change their profession and work.

According to astrologers, people born in May find themselves best in occupations related to real estate, banking, art and IT. They can also choose the path of journalism and especially love work in radio, press and television.

How to support the development of children born in May? Celebrity reading experts suggest supporting kids to break routines and try to do things they know differently, looking for creative solutions. The children of May love routine, which can result in falling into rutting patterns. Learning something new should start with opening your mind to new activities.

Stone for May

The symbol of May is emerald, a beautiful green mineral, which is dedicated especially to young maidens born in May. Mined for the first time in Egypt, it symbolizes rebirth. Today, emeralds are mined mainly in Brazil, Colombia and Zambia. It is with the emerald that women who were planning to get married in May should receive the ring. This choice is to bring them luck and symbolize success and long youth.

If we are on the subject of engagement and weddings, the worst time to marry in the opinion of superstitious people is May, which is associated with communions. There is even a saying in English: marry in the month of May, and you'll surely rue the day (if you get married in May, you'll regret it). In the Polish version, "in May, a wedding, a quick grave."

Famous people born in May

May is the month of birth of many famous people: David Beckham, Tony Blair and Jonny Wilkinson, Adele, Enrique Iglesias, Colin Farell, Stanisław Witkiewicz (painter, artist), Ewa Minge (fashion designer), Grażyna Trela ​​(actress), Hanna Lis (journalist ).

Names inspired by May

The names Majka refer directly to May, and Lilka indirectly.

Proverbs for May

  1. Cool May, good harvest.
  2. Warm April, wet May - there will be corn as a grove.
  3. Frequent thunder in May distract peasants' worries.
  4. May rain, bread is ready.
  5. When wet May, rye will be a grove.
  6. Lots of beetles in May, the millet will be in a grove.
  7. Expect harvest when cuckoo kukes in May.
  8. When May is fine, there is no harm in hay.
  9. When it comes to the thunder in the east, the year is favorable for hay and grain in beauty.
  10. The thunder in May does not matter, the orchard is good.
  11. The thunder in May is conducive to harvest.
  12. If thunder in May, everything grows in flight.
  13. When the linden blooms in May, honey will hang in the hive.
  14. On the first of May hoarfrost promises a good crop.
  15. On the first of May rain, crop failure.

The most important holidays in May

May 3 - Constitution Day May 3, as well as: Saint Mary the Queen of Poland (Catholic), International Press Freedom Day (UN), International Asthma and Allergy Day, May 8 - Libraries and Librarians Day, May 12 - International Nurses and Midwives Day , May 15 - International Family Day, May 25 - Milk Day, May 26 - Mother's Day, May 30 - Foster Parents Day.


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