The child did not get to kindergarten: what can you do?

The child did not get to kindergarten: what can you do?

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A parent whose child has not been admitted to kindergarten does not have to wring his hands. It can work. Has the right to appeal against the selection board's decision. How and when to do it?

If the child has not entered the nursery / kindergarten, and the parent suspects that the admissions committee has incorrectly scored points or simply wants to find out with what result the toddler has completed the recruitment, he has the right to know the reasons for the decision of the commission. The right to appeal is also granted to parents of children who have not been admitted to kindergarten, although according to the law, attendance is compulsory today.

How do I appeal?

An appeal against a committee decision may be submitted within 7 days from the date of publication of the list of accepted and unaccepted persons. This should be done in writing - by personally submitting a letter to the kindergarten / nursery (keeping a copy with the stamp of the institution) or by post (keeping confirmation of posting).

When to expect an answer?

The Commission has 5 days to draw up a written justification for refusing to admit a child to kindergarten / nursery. The justification prepared by the employees of the institution should include the reasons for refusing admission, first of all the lowest number of points from which children were admitted to kindergarten and information on how many points the child obtained.

After receiving the decision

After receiving a written decision, the parent has seven days to appeal to the headmaster of the selected kindergarten. If this does not help, theoretically every parent has the right to lodge a complaint with an administrative court and start applying for admission of a child through the courts.

Additional recruitment

Of course, if we decide to appeal against the committee's decision, it is worth guarding the dates of additional recruitment and taking part in it, acting in two ways.