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Children born in July

Children born in July

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July is a month associated with holidays, the summer sun, sunbathing, the beach, and mountain hiking. On the other hand, by meteorologists it is described as the most rainy. It is full of contrasts, remains contradictory and unpredictable. And what are the children born in July? Like the month they were born?


July is the seventh month of the year, it has 31 days. Its name comes from the linden trees, or actually the time of their flowering, despite the fact that these trees bloom at the turn of June and July.

Born in July

People born in July are crayfish (until July 22) and lions. Crayfish are cautious people who like home peace, time spent in the family, at the same time they are sociable, but prefer to be in familiar surroundings. In the company in which they feel confident, they remain active interlocutors, often tell jokes and funny anecdotes. They are lazy, although they are both talented and original.

Lions are born leaders, often tenacious, uncompromising, impulsive, thoughtless. People born under this zodiac sign are rather loyal and devoted to the family, they like to spend time with their loved ones and organize activities involving family members for everyone.

July stones

For people born in July, two stones are particularly recommended: onyx and turquoise.

The name onyx comes from the Greek language and is translated as "claw", referring to the sharp edges of this stone and its high hardness. The stone was already known in ancient times, it was used to create seals, today it is considered a collector's and decorative mineral. Onyx is most often found in black, sometimes also in green and white.

Turquoise, in turn, is a Turkish stone (where it got its name), in small quantities also occurs in Poland. It is rarely seen in pure blue. It is usually cut with brown, gray or black veins and spots.

July flowers

People born in July as the "guardian" should choose the following flowers: lily, violet or wild rose.
The lily flower is a symbol of innocence, patronizes search, it should be close to undecided people. Violet, in turn, is a symbol of simplicity, sensitivity, modesty and delicacy. It may also suit people a little cowardly and shy. In turn, wild rose is a flower of poetry, romantic scenes. It symbolizes people living in the moment, enjoying life and not caring about what can happen.

Proverbs about July

When the sun shines in July, the beaches are hot.
July rains for peasants ticks, and like the weather - greater freedom.
The July heat bodes for January frosts.
In the July heat in Poland as in the Sahara.
The heat in July, frosty in January.
The heat in July and September is perfect.

Women prefer to give birth in the summer?

July and August in maternity wards is a hot period for hospital employees in Poland: literally and figuratively. During this time, many children are born, especially in large cities: in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. For example, the number of children born in July and August in Warsaw is about 15% higher compared to other months.