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Parking for pregnant women - a good idea?

Parking for pregnant women - a good idea?

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We have separate places for families: wider, which allows you to easily pull the child out of the car and set the stroller next to the door. There is also an idea to permanently introduce places for pregnant women in Poland. Rzeszów WORD patented a new road sign and posted it in two places in the city. Will the idea be accepted?

Special places for women

Officials came up with the idea of ​​creating parking spaces for women some time ago. They were created in large shopping centers. Some make fun of them, they are neither larger nor covered with sponges, but they are in convenient places, so that women have easier access to their favorite stores, in which they are most often customers. The owner of one such center asks for understanding ... and argues that he does not discriminate against men. While this idea seems controversial, parking spaces for pregnant women are perceived by a large group of people as much needed.

Places for pregnant women

In parking lots, where places for families and for women are already practiced, the idea was adopted to separate separate places for pregnant women. They would be closest to the entrance.

The idea was also caught up by the authorities of Poznań's Ikea, where a parking lot for families and a special ticket office for future mothers already operate.

How does it look in practice?

For now, the possibilities of using the sign are limited, because there is no relevant provision in the Highway Code. Therefore, the sign can be set in private places, and its respect depends on the good will of drivers. Failure to comply with the sign cannot be punished for the time being, nor can any consequences be drawn.

For the time being, in Rzeszów, a collection of signatures for a petition to include the sign in the Road Traffic Code has begun, which will allow documents to be submitted to the Sejm and draw the attention of the government to a social initiative.

Does pregnancy make parking difficult?

On the other hand, questions arise, is it necessary to enter the next character? Will it not be seen as discrimination? Is it sure to be a sign of nod towards women, who often get off, have to open the door wide (because of the large tummy) and gladly accept the option of parking near the entrance, which excludes the need for shopping walks.

The open question is also whether the sign could also serve women in the initial pregnancy, or only when the tummy clearly indicates a different state?

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