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Children born in February

Children born in February

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Born in February, they are children of Uranus. They stand out with ingenuity, a creative approach to life, and at the same time are enthusiasts of simplicity. In the constellation of Aquarius, original children are born, who amaze their surroundings from the first months of life. There are many eccentrics and inventors born in February.

The least children are born

In February, the least children are born. Why? Because it is the shortest month of the year;) It has 28 days, except for the leap year, when it has 29 days.

Birth of a child on February 29 raises the most emotions.

What happens when a child is born on February 29?

In the Gregorian calendar, February 29 is a leap day. If a child is born on that day, theoretically, he celebrates his birthday every 4 years, in practice most often on February 28.

According to tradition, in many countries on February 29 a woman can propose to a man. If a man refuses, he must buy a woman a dress or give money for it (in some countries 12 pairs of gloves that are supposed to hide the shame because of the lack of an engagement ring).

The child in February is bigger

Children born in the winter, according to Harvard scientists who have reviewed hundreds of medical documents, are statistically larger than babies born in the summer. In addition, a similar trend continues later. At age 7, most children were heavier, taller, and had larger head circumferences than their peers.

And ... calmer

Researchers from Queensland University examined thousands of children aged 4 and 5 and noticed that babies born in winter are much calmer and cooperative than those born in the summer.


Having a child until February 18 is to ensure a strong, interesting character at home. Aquarius is honest, he says what saliva will bring to his tongue, he can not pretend. In addition, he is very firm. Fish born in the second half of the month are compassionate and selfless. Unfortunately, they have weak will and can be easily manipulated.

The best competition

People born in February are particularly suitable for scientific work, research, work in the electronics industry, police and psychology. Aquarius will work in media and internet related professions. It can be successful wherever unconventional, original thinking counts, also in art. Those born in February are people with perfect intuition, strong will and common sense. Unfortunately, they often act eccentrically and without thinking.


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