Pregnancy / Childbirth

Parenthood is no longer natural

Parenthood is no longer natural

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I used children you just had to. Today's offspring is planned. In the times of our grandmothers, the saying "never too many children" was popular, today we say rather: "a child is a luxury that few can afford". Once raising an only child was incomprehensible and perceived as laziness, today large families in many environments are perceived as "crazy" so as not to write "pathological". Nowadays, parents want to be smart, perfect, they are required from mum and dad, in the past ... children somehow grew up, by the way, just like that.

It starts from the bedroom ...

Today, spouses can enjoy sex every day. In the way that suits them best. There is no problem with access to attractive gadgets or contraceptives.

Prevention of pregnancy in the generation of our parents consisted primarily in interrupted relationships. The marriage calendar was also popular (it is known how with the effectiveness of these methods ...) Condoms were bought in secret, preferably in kiosks, regardless of the legends of breaking them by bored saleswomen.

A quick pregnancy was a sign of sexual performance and sealing the marriage. Today, young people are advised to go crazy, earn some extra money, visit the world ... the time will come for children.


Before the child, first study. We ignore the natural drives that have created such a man and woman that they are most prolific around 18-20 years. After school, there must be a job, an apartment, a car, as such safety. Then we can think about pregnancy ...

When it goes quickly, there is joy and anxiety. It was also like that once.

However, when the two lines do not come, the rule that every second pair has fertility problems is confirmed. Increasingly, the child waits a long, long time. Also because of playing on the nose of nature.

Infertility and infertility treatment is becoming as popular today as autumn rain. And this is a business like any other. It pays off because couples who want to have a child will pay any money ...

In addition, there is the industry of all dietary supplements that are supposed to help you get pregnant, fertility monitors, books, guides and broadly understood counseling. That's how parents earn a lot of money before they really become.

A child is an expense

In the world of consumerism, the natural desire to have children wins with money, the need for a prosperous life, without restrictions, away from duties, with a desire to show off (what are mass photos placed on social profiles from foreign trips ...?). We are not ready for the child anymore, immature, we are afraid of limitations and challenges of parenthood.

Parent - superman

Today, natural parenting is identified with closeness with the child, staying with the toddler for three years at home, long breastfeeding, carrying in a sling, sleeping together. It is said that you are or are not a good parent. We do everything for children or nothing. The modern world seems to be black and white. No compromise. Parenthood knows no half measures.

Parents are required to be patient, forget about their own weaknesses, and mental resilience with infinity dimensions. It is recommended to read "smart books" and guides.

By the way, you can't be a parent. You need to prepare for parenthood. You have to watch the tables, recommendations, visit the doctor at the right time, make sure your toddler gets the best of everything: good food, not processed, checked information, appropriate cartoons, the best education. There used to be no choice - everyone got the same.

Today we have competition, a dizzying choice. You need to be up-to-date and know everything, because you can't trust anyone today: doctors sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, teachers who are afraid of ministries and only in the lobby they admit that one by one reform is a shot in the knee, one's own parents can not trust because they do not know each other and raised children in another world. Experts are also no better because everyone says something different. And even as he says wisely, then he appears in controversial advertising and his authority seems to dim.

This deprives us of self-confidence, a sense of control over the situation, fuels anxiety and eternal fear: whether I'm doing right or good enough. That's how you earn on us.


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