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Should I give Danonki to children?

Should I give Danonki to children?

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You can read everything on the internet. Most of the information is full of emotions. The biggest "hits" of the network are tips to give your child Danonki when she doesn't like milk (!) And that tasty cottage cheese is an ideal source of vitamin D that meets the needs of every child. The message is clear: nothing but buy. If the same health ... On the other hand, we do not have to look long to find statements of upset parents and alarming dietitians who consider sweet milk snacks as a source of many troubles. What's the truth? Who is exaggerating and who warns without a hysteria?

Simple and tasty

There is no denying that Danone desserts and yoghurts are usually very much liked by children. They have a uniform consistency, they can be easily eaten or drunk (you do not even need teeth), and the sweet taste is quickly accepted, hence the toddler often calls for more. In addition, we can buy yogurt or cottage cheese in almost every store, it is immediately ready for consumption. It is great for light hunger.

It is true that you can complain about the price, but who would think about it longer. After all, something for something ... And we'll buy the best for the child. Truth?

What do Danonki hide?

Take, for example, a relatively soon available product on the market:

  • Drinking banana yogurt enriched with calcium and vitamin D. - composition: milk (84%), sugar, bananas (3.6%), corn starch, calcium, natural flavors, skimmed milk powder, lemon juice concentrate, live yogurt bacteria cultures and finally vitamin D.

The first thing that catches the eye is the presence of sugar in second place (caries, obesity, etc.) and a small amount of bananas (3.6%). Is this a good composition?

It would be healthier to buy natural yogurt and add bananas. There is no doubt about that. However, is this product acceptable? Not every day, but from time to time, with the awareness of the underlying dangers, it can be assumed that nothing will happen if we give it to children over 3 years of age.

The manufacturer informs you to consume one bottle a day, i.e. no more - due to the high sugar content. Unfortunately, the toddler, in addition to yogurt, will also provide sugar with other products, and this is where the greatest risk lies: you can stand for the argument that there is no point in supplying with the diet products that can be served without its addition (preparing them yourself)

    • Danonki - skimmed cottage cheese, cream, sugar, water, strawberries 3% - puree, oligofructose, glucose-fructose syrup, milk proteins, modified starch, calcium, concentrates from: carrots, black carrots; radish extract, natural vanilla flavor, natural flavors, vitamin D - in addition to sugar, the manufacturer also added glucose-fructose syrup, therefore the offer of cheese in cups seems inferior to yogurt (described above). There is also sugar, lots of sugar after two forms. Is it worth it