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Lumilove Barbapapa cuddly lamp

Lumilove Barbapapa cuddly lamp

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This lamp has been with us from the beginning, from the first days of my daughter's life. Works great. It can be taken anywhere and used where it is needed at the moment: in a cradle, in a tourist bed, or on a cabinet in the room. It gives a soft pleasant light, which in the case of an infant makes life easier for parents, making night feeding more comfortable, for example. Over time, however, it increases the child's sense of security when they start to fear the dark. You can hug the lamp or just play with it in the morning.

How was with us

One look was enough to convince us of our "sprite", so we baptized this character which is simply a lamp. It was only later that we learned that Barbapapa is an extremely plastic character from children's books (created in the 70s of the last century), which over time had its counterparts in children's fairy tales (also shown on Polish television). Barbapapa comes from the word barbe à papa meaning - cotton candy.

Why is it worth

The lamp charged on a comfortable stand glows softly for 11 hours. Above - lighter and slightly darkened at the base. This property can be used by manipulating the lamp in the child's cot and deciding where it should be the brightest.

The lamp is 15 centimeters high. It uses LED technology, thanks to which it is energy-saving and does not heat up (in this way the child can sleep peacefully with her and not be afraid of burns).

The lamp, after removing it from the charger, turns on by itself, and after setting on it, it starts charging in an inductive way - the child can put it aside for charging (the green light is ready for work, and the charging light - red). Additionally, you can turn on or off the lamp using the button at its bottom (for a year of use the lamp has not yet happened to us that the child accidentally, or intentionally turned off / on this button - which is an undoubted advantage of this product).

Yes but…

The lamp is available in two colors: pink and blue. This is probably her only minus. You could also use more neutral colors that would allow you to present the product by buying it before the baby is born (despite great progress, there are still situations when, despite the announced baby boy birth, a baby girl was born and vice versa).

Price: around PLN 160

For children: 0+


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