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I'm afraid to leave my child with anyone!

I'm afraid to leave my child with anyone!

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First, a new life develops in the woman's body for nine months. The little man for whom mother is the whole world are one.

In the case of a woman, it ends at the time of delivery. It will take a few months for the child to realize that he is a separate being. They will be together during this time. Often 24 hours a day. They will get to know each other, teach each other, experience a lot of joy and emotions, creating an extremely strong bond. In the end though every mother will have to leave the toddler with someone else

For many women, the thought of parting with a child causes fear. Sometimes obsessive. How to deal with it?

How long can you look after your child?

According to current Polish law, a woman is entitled to maternity leave, additional maternity leave and parental leave after childbirth. Together 52 weeks and 36 months of parental leave. If a young mother makes such a decision, she can devote herself to caring for the child even until he reaches the age of 5.

Who to entrust with childcare?

However, every vacation ends sometime. Returning to work is related to the fact that you leave your child in the care of others. Who will it be It depends on the parents' choice and their life situation. Some decide on a nursery, others hire a babysitter, others involve their grandparents.

Most women treat this situation as something inevitable and although they undoubtedly feel the longing for the child, which is quite understandable, they cope with the new situation.

Anxiety for a child

However, for some I leave my child in the care of others source of many fears and fears. Often, this fear is so strong that it is difficult for them to control it. It is caused not only by the thought of returning to work, but even the vision of parting with the toddler for a few hours. How do mothers explain it?

We can often hear an argument from women ...

Because no one will take care of him like me!

It is true. Grandparents, educator, sister or nanny they will never be you. And they shouldn't! Do they look after your child like you do? Of course not. Many things will probably do differently, but does it mean that they will do it wrong?

Many families decide to entrust the care of their child with a nanny or take the infant to nursery. However, for moms who experience separation anxiety nanny or "foreign woman at home" seems to be the worst solution. Not to mention the nurseries that they demonize and become a place where children cry all day, left alone and are constantly sick. Of course, if we decide to nursery or hire a babysitter, some doubts and fears are most justified, so the choice should be made with the greatest care. Ask, check references, get advice from other parents, etc.

When a child is looked after by a nanny

However panic fear before leaving the child in the hands of "strangers" should not accompany us in making a decision. If we choose a nanny, it is worth designating immediately clear rules.

Talk to her about this, what we care about and what expectations we have. This will definitely avoid it later misunderstandings and calm us down. Some parents decide to stay at home for the first few days to watch the new person take care of their child and provide advice and assistance when needed. In this way, seeing that the child is not hurt, they gain greater trust in the babysitter. However, it should be remembered to first agree and explain to the candidate that they are not intended to control or point out mistakes, but to facilitate her care over the baby. Nurseries often propose so-called adaptation days, when you can bring your child for a few hours and stay with him for a while. Then the separation time is extended. This allows the toddler and mother to slowly get used to the new situation. In the end, we must believe that someone else can cope with our child.


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