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Ektoin for urticaria and AD

Ektoin for urticaria and AD

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I am extremely skeptical about "new" products that can effectively cure large skin changes on children suffering from skin allergies. That is why I approached this preparation with caution. Oh, another ointment that I have to test, so as not to bury the hope of finding a good product for my child.

What was my surprise when the skin condition improved after the second use, and subsequent applications only confirmed really good performance, which in our case turned out to be much better than the notorious steroids.

Due to the fact that I reached for the product clearly unconvinced, I felt obliged to write about it. Perhaps ectoine will help someone as well as us.

Ektoine, or what?

I admit that what I read about ectoine put me in a strange mood. I had the impression that all information about a substance "more valuable than gold" is greatly exaggerated. Besides, rate for yourself ...

Ectoine is a natural substance that has protective and moisturizing effects. Protects against low and high temperatures and dry air. It is obtained by fermentation from extremophiles - microorganisms living in extremely adverse environmental conditions.

Ectoine is used to relieve the symptoms of skin allergies and nasal and eye mucous membranes such as sneezing, runny nose, tearing and redness of the eyelids. The substance allows you to effectively treat and alleviate the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Studies have shown that ectoine reduces itching and roughness of the skin.

Ecto Skin p7 - reviews

We used various cosmetics, dermopreparations, ointments prepared in the pharmacy, with severe exacerbation of changes, also steroids (even for the face). Objectively, Ecto Skin P7 works best in our case. It has a light texture, is quickly absorbed (the manufacturer recommends applying in combination with a light massage).

The ectoine contained in Ecto Skin P7 soothes redness, the changes are much paler (in our case, the big difference was visible after two applications - one day of treatment). The manufacturer also ensures that it reduces itching, but we have no major problems with it, hence I can not judge it.

Most importantly, Ecto Skin can be used for a long time, without the risk of side effects, which is why the preparation is much better than, in my opinion, similarly acting steroids (at a concentration of 0.25).

The only drawbacks are the small volume and the fact that the preparation after opening can be used only for three months. Then you need to buy another package or finish using.

Price around PLN 40. I don't know about availability in stationary pharmacies. We buy the preparation online.

It is worth watching the presentation below. Although there is a risk that it was commissioned by the company, the lecturer gives interesting information about ectoine in the treatment of AD.

Lecture by prof. Roman Nowicki during the 18th Scientific and Training Symposium "Advances in Allergology and Pneumunology" on the use of ectoine (contained in ectoSkinP7) in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.