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Natural delivery by emperor - it's possible!

Natural delivery by emperor - it's possible!

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Until now, it was common belief that if you've ever had a caesarean section, then each delivery must end this way. This is not true.

Currently, cutting on the uterus is performed in such a way that in most cases the next delivery can take place by forces of nature (so called VBAC or Vaginal Birth After Cesarian).

In the past, the uterus was opened with a long, vertical incision (the so-called classic), which quite significantly hindered the healing process. Also, the scars that formed on such a large piece of muscle were very problematic. The classic cut was therefore an absolute contraindication to vaginal delivery and no doctor or midwife wanted to take risks. Childbirth gave many complications: for a child it could end in brain damage or death, for a mother hemorrhage, hysterectomy, and in exceptional cases even death. The risk of uterine rupture compared to possible complications after caesarean section was too high. Fortunately, if it's been a decade or less since your surgery, you probably just have a low transverse cut on the bikini line. Thanks to this, the uterus heals much better and there are less problems with scars. You have a good chance at VBAC!
If you are preparing for natural deliveryhere are some tips you probably won't hear from your doctor:

Choose the right hospital

For sure it is not advisable for the VBAC to be at home. First of all, it will be difficult for you to find a midwife who wants to take such responsibility. Secondly, there is a small (0.5%) risk of uterine rupture. Okay, be in a place where you'll have a chance to get immediate help. During complications at home delivery, you may not be able to reach the hospital on time.

The attitude of doctors and midwives to natural births after cutting varies. Probably most will be opposed. Let's face it, doctors prefer emperors: they are fast, short and possible to plan, as opposed to the hours of natural labor. Cuts are also simply much more profitable for them. When choosing a hospital, pay attention to the percentage of cesarean sections. You can check it e.g. at If this number is high, your chances of being born by nature are rather small.

Give up anesthesia

Yes I know, will be hard. But, if you are not under the influence of anesthesia or other pain relief medications, you will be able to perform the activities that they can make vaginal delivery much easier. You can walk, which makes it easier to endure cramps. The vertical position is conducive to the proper insertion of the baby into the birth canal and the delivery itself is faster - just the force of gravity does its job. You can also choose the entire position repertoire, both during the first and second phase of delivery. Many of these positions help to cope with pain and shorten the pressure phase. Anesthesia often slows down labor, and if labor stops, doctors may want to make a cut. Painkillers can also dull you and overshadow your judgment. With a clear mind, despite the pain, you are able to make informed decisions.