Promotions - what will we buy cheaper?

Promotions - what will we buy cheaper?

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Do you want to save some? See what we will buy cheaper in the largest Polish stores this week. A must read for resourceful Mums!


  • Pampers diapers At Tesco, for Pampers Baby Active value pack (various midi sizes), you'll pay only PLN 39.99 instead of PLN 49.99. In Carrefour, the price of a single Active Baby packaging is PLN 34.49, in Auchan PLN 44.99. In Super-Pharm, on the Pampers Premium Care package enriched with Pampers Sensitive wipes, you spend PLN 44.99. You will pay 50gr less for them at E.Leclerc. However, this price does not include the included wipes.
  • Huggies diapers- LifeStyle loyalty card holders for Huggies super dry diapers in any size will pay only PLN 32.99 at Super-Pharm instead of PLN 39.99. If you are going to the swimming pool, or you are wrestling before the holiday trip to the sea or the lake, get diapers for swimming. Huggies Little Swimmers packaging was discounted from PLN 28.99 to PLN 19.99. A mega pack of Huggies Super Dry diapers (+ 50%) will cost you PLN 63.79.
  • Wet wipes- By buying now 4 packs of Pampers Fresh wipes at Tesco for PLN 19.99 you will save PLN 6 from the current price. In E. Leclerc you will pay for the same offer cheaper - PLN 19.29. In Auchan 6 pcs. the same wipes cost PLN 25.99. In Super-Pharm, on the other hand, a double pack of Nivea Pure & Fresh wipes is an expense of PLN 11.99 (previously PLN 16.99). The price of Bambino wipes dropped at the Polo Market from PLN 7.99 to PLN 5.99 per packaging. Three packs of Huggies Pure wipes will bring you in E.Leclerc PLN 13.95. Hypoallergenic wet wipes Cleanic baby Kindii in six packs will get in Auchan for PLN 23.99 (current price: PLN 27.99).
  • Cosmetics- Under the 1 + 1 Action, which applies at Super-Pharm, you will pay PLN 18 for Bubble Johnson's Baby 500ml bubble bath and 250ml shampoo. There, too, the entire Johnson's Baby Bedtime range of cosmetics is available with a 20% discount. You will spend PLN 26 on a protective Hipp SPF 50 cream and at the checkout you will receive a car windscreen as a gift. You will now save PLN 5 on Nivea Nutri Sensitive products. The price of each of them is PLN 11.99. If you have a LifeStyle card, you will pay 25% cheaper for Penaten skin care products.


  • Dinners and dishes- Price of 250g BoboVita dinner jar at Tesco dropped from PLN 6.19 to PLN 5.29. If you buy 3 items at E.Leclerc at once you will pay PLN 3.53 for each of them. In contrast, smaller 190g dinners in Auchan cost PLN 4.45 per item.
  • desserts- The price of a 130g dessert jar from Gerber fell at Super-Pharm from PLN 3.49 to PLN 2.99. You pay 4.09 PLN in Carrefour for two 125g jars of BoboVita desserts.
  • Milk- 350g Bebiko 2, 2R, 3, 3R, 4, 4R milk carton now costs PLN 12.99 at Super-Pharm, which is PLN 1 cheaper.
  • Juices, drinks and water- In Carrefour, buying 3 bottles of 1.5l spring water Mama and I for PLN 4.99 you will get the fourth one for free. Whereas for a six pack Żywiec Zdrój with water bottles (6x300ml) you will spend PLN 6.59. On Monday, June 25, between 18:00 and 20:00, the Polo Market will reduce the price of Hipp teas in 200g cans from PLN 11.99 to PLN 7.99. Tymbark juices in 0.2l cartons are available at Auchan for 99gr. If your babies like Bobo Frut nectars, you pay PLN 7.99 at Auchan for 4x300ml. For PLN 10.99 you will receive four bottles of Gerber juice (4x300ml).
  • porridge- Two BoboVita milk-rice porridges in Carrefour cost PLN 10.49. You have to pay PLN 6.49 for a piece at Polo Market, PLN 6.98 for Auchan.


  • Sweatshirts, T-shirts- Children's sweatshirt (from size 92 to 164) is available at Carrefour for PLN 15. You pay 10 PLN without a penny for a baby t-shirt at E.Leclerc.
  • Pants, shorts- You can get children's shorts at E.Leclerc for PLN 7.99.
  • Sets- Baby set (shorts + t-shirt) is an expense of PLN 16.90 at E.Leclerc.


  • Big discounts- At Tesco, the price of the following toys has fallen by as much as 75%: Baby Born Doll You can get a dumbfound baby doll for 49.99 PLN, My Litte Pony Set - Canterlot festival costs 29.99 PLN, for a Zhu Zhu hamster you will pay 3.49 PLN. The 50% discount will cover the Tomek i Przyjaciel bridge, available for 79.99 PLN.
  • To the sandpit and to the beach- You will get various sand toys at Carrefour for PLN 7.99 per item. An inflatable ball or foam for swimming lessons is an expense of PLN 2.99.
  • For the garden- You will pay PLN 120 at E.Leclerc for a fantastic pool with a slide and a palm-shaped fountain.
  • For girls- In E. Leclerc you will receive Simba blocks from the Hello Kitty series for PLN 17.99. In contrast, the LPS Walking Animals Set will cost you 27.99 PLN.


  • For a baby The Lovi 250ml bottle set + dynamic bottle teat at Super-Pharm cost PLN 21.99. There, too, for 250ml Nuk liquid for washing children's dishes and 240ml bottle of the same company you will pay 5 PLN cheaper, i.e. 14.99 PLN.

Promotion duration:
Tesco 21.06 - 27.06
Super-Pharm 14.06- 27.06
Carrefour 20.06- 25.06
Polo Market 20.06- 26.06 or according to given dates
E. Leclerc 19.06-01.07
Auchan 20.06- 26.06