Special Emolium Cream

Special Emolium Cream

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The skin of babies and young children is very delicate and prone to irritation. How to care for it when dry areas and redness often appear on its surface? The solution can be a special cream Emolium (modern emollient), which enjoys very good reviews. Is it rightly recommended?

Basic advantages

  • recommended for atopic, dry and sensitive (itchy) skin,
  • can be used on face and body skin,
  • deals with minor changes by removing them,
  • allows for longer AZS remission times,
  • optimal oils and moisturizes,
  • softens and tones it,
  • protects against external factors (frost, air conditioning, wind),
  • does not pinch when applied to dry, tense or irritated skin,
  • good consistency that allows for efficient distribution of the cream,
  • known cosmetic, available on the market for several years,
  • good performance.


  • cream spreads worse on wet skin,
  • price around PLN 30,
  • contains a long list of parabens: butylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben.

Composition - active substances

  • Arlasilk® Phospholipid GLA (2%) - an ingredient obtained from borage seeds,
  • Corn oil triglycerides (3%)
  • Urea (5%) - urea
  • Shea butter (6%)
  • Macadamia oil (3%)
  • Sodium hyaluronate (2%)
  • Paraffin oil (8%)

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