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Imaginative games - baubles and other Christmas decorations

Imaginative games - baubles and other Christmas decorations

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In this article, I would like to remind you about various types of Christmas balls and Christmas tree decorations. You will find here easy to make, effective decorations that will definitely bring a unique atmosphere to your trees. Due to the types of materials from which they are made, I divided them into groups: those suitable for eating and inedible.

Edible and natural


  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Sticks
  • cones
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Ribbons, ribbons, threads, scissors
  • Glitter varnish, glitter glue, glitter and paper glue (optional, just flickering)


Apple peel and cut into slices. Cut the oranges into slices. We dry both fruits in an oven or a fruit dryer. We thread the ribbon and it's ready. Orange goes beautifully with cinnamon sticks.

Cinnamon sticks we compose, choosing 3, tie them with a decorative ribbon or ribbon and hang them on a twig.
With cones, the matter is equally simple. We choose nice, good-looking cones and either we spray the whole thing with glitter varnish or paint individual parts. Finally, hang the ribbon and it's ready.

Making is a little more complicated sticks stars. We take sticks (as thin as possible). For 1 star we will need about 12 thin sticks about 10 cm long. If we have thicker ones, then about 6 is enough. We compose 6 similar lengths (here we do not have to be perfectly precise, but it is worth keeping similar dimensions) and thickness sections. If there are several sticks, we tie them at the ends with a thread. We form 3 such bundled bundles into a triangle and connect, tying with threads. Having 2 triangles we superimpose them alternately forming a star. We connect again, tying. Finally, thread the thread and it's ready. If we do not have sticks, we can use straw, straws for drinks, sticks for skewers. If we use straw or straws, cut the tips with a knife and form fringes. (Fig.1)

Salt mass


  • Ingredients for salt mass (wheat flour, salt, water, wallpaper paste)
  • Paints, glitter, buttons, beads etc.
  • Cake molds, rolling pin
  • Toothpicks
  • Ribbons, ribbons


First we knead the dough. To give the mass color, just add some before baking oil paints, turmeric (yellow) or instant coffee (brown). We can divide the mass into several parts and give them different colors. We roll out the mass and cut out the shape with molds. We can also give it ourselves (if someone has manual skills or wants to).

Before putting in the oven use a toothpick to puncture the hole, through which we then thread the ribbon. After baking ready shapes we paint and decorate freely. If you want to drown beads or other decorations, put them in a flexible mass before baking. After decorating we thread the ribbon through the previously prepared hole (if you are afraid that the hole will get stuck during baking, you can leave a piece of toothpick in it. Remember that the hole will "converge" slightly so you should make it larger) and hang on the tree. (Fig.2)

Paper decorations

Peacock eye


  • Colored paper
  • Paper glue, scissors
  • Ribbon, ribbon

We prepare 4 pairs of wheels of different sizes. We glue the biggest ones together. We will stick the next ones choosing from the largest to the smallest ones. Stick the next pair on both sides, symmetrical, at the upper end. We proceed with the other 2 pairs of wheels. Finally, we cut a hole at the top (we can use a hole punch), thread the ribbon and hang it on the Christmas tree. (Fig. 3) To make the visual effect better, we can give the wheels any shape, e.g.

Lantern / Basket


  • Colored paper (two colors)
  • Glue, scissors, a ruler
  • Toilet paper roll

The technique of both decorations overlaps. In the first place he proposes make a basket. To make it, you need to cut a rectangle, quite narrow, but long (e.g. 10x20cm) from paper. Then we fold it longitudinally in half and cut every half centimeter to ¾ depth. We spread out andfinal glue edges (fig. 4). We cut a narrow strip from a piece of colored paper, which we stick with the ends to the inside of our basket, forming a pendant. Then gently squeeze the basket so that the cuts go sideways. End.

Lanterns (Fig. 4) is a slightly more complicated construction. One paper is cut to the height of the toilet paper roll and glued it. The second piece of paper should be of a different color, and the cut out strip about 2-3 cm wider and about 1 cm longer. Fold in half like a basket and cut the same way. Grease the uncut edges with glue and stick to the edges of the decorated paper roll. Finally, we prepare the strap for the pendant, attach it and the lantern can be hung on the Christmas tree.



  • Colored paper (whole sheet for the dress and scraps for the face elements)
  • Wings for printing and cutting
  • pens
  • glue, scissors, a piece of thread
  • saucer and pencil

On colored paper, we draw the oval of the plate, cut it out (you can use scissors with a decorative cut shape) and divide it into 4 parts (roughly equal). Roll one quarter and glue the edges, forming a cone (Fig. 5, step 3). We cut out an oval face and a larger oval for hair from the clippings. We cut a piece from our mouths, creating a bang effect and stick to the hair. For a more three-dimensional strand effect, we can gently cut the edges of the hair. Printed wings (you will find on the Internet) we cut carefullynot to cut them. We glue the wings "from behind" of the cone, and the face with hair from the front. We can paint Angel with felt-tip pens face and decorate his dress. To hang on a Christmas tree, insert a loop of thread into the cone, ending with a knot on one side (so that it does not get out through the upper hole). Finished. You can also use the same method Santa, Christmas tree and any other character or thing.

Santa and Reindeer


  • roll of toilet paper (1 for each form)
  • red, brown colored paper, pieces of white and black paper
  • a shell
  • cotton wool
  • glue, felt-tip pen, scissors

The technique of making both characters is very similar. Let's start with Santa. Cover the roll of paper with red colored paperand cut the belt from brown. We make eyes from the cuttings of white and black color (larger white circle, inside we glue smaller black ones). We can use ready-made plastic eyelets instead. WITH a piece of cotton wool we form a compact ball / pompon. We can help ourselves by dirtying our fingers with glue, then the cotton wool will "break" faster. The eyes, cotton wool and pompom are glued to a shell, creating a face (the pompom in this case will create a nose, and cotton wool a beard). We cut a circle from a piece of red paper, cut it inward and roll it into a cone. We glue the edges together to form a hat. We stick to Santa's head. We make another pompon with cotton wool, which we attach to the top of the cap.

Execution reindeer (Fig. 6) is simpler. We cover the roll of paper with brown color. Cut out the shape of the horns from another piece folded in half. We glue them on the inside of the roll. We create ears from clippings. We attach the eyelets made with the same technique as at Mikołaj's. With a felt-tip pen, we can draw a nose and a mouth.

There are many ideas and ways how to decorate a Christmas tree with your own pendants. And even a lot. I was pleased to "vacuum" for you those that I know and liked to do as a child.
In the next part of Christmas decorations we will go on wrapping gifts, decorating them and creating Christmas cards. Although the cards seem to be obsolete, in my opinion they should return to the salons, to which I will strongly urge you.