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How to save on diapers? 7 ways

How to save on diapers? 7 ways

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Buying diapers consumes a lot of money from the parents' budget in the first months of the child's life. Often, regular expenses must be reckoned with for two years of life. Is there a way to do this?

Try other brands

Assuming that you buy several packages of cheaper brands, you have to take into account the additional expense that does not have to pay back. Your toddler may not accept new diapers.

Is it worth it then? You can try to "get" free samples of the product, for example from a friend's mum or by writing directly to the manufacturer. Sometimes diapers are attached to advertising folders, promotional brochures, leaflets. The producer sometimes announces recruitment for product testers. It is good to check if your child will accept a cheaper substitute, often of equal quality.

Hunt for promotions

This is one of the most obvious ways, but ... also hides many traps. Unfortunately, promotion, uneven promotion, which can be seen by following this section. That is why it is worth comparing different offers and choosing consciously, bypassing the ambushes placed by us by marketing specialists.

Take your time with the larger size

We often choose larger products when buying clothes to make them last longer. It's a good way to save money, but not for diapers ... The larger the package, the fewer diapers and the higher the unit price. Therefore, let's change the size of diapers if we really have to.

In addition: individual brands have different sizes, recently the most popular producer has introduced "plus" sizes, i.e. "3+", "4+", etc.