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Little Miss, i.e. fulfilling the parents' ambition

Little Miss, i.e. fulfilling the parents' ambition

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Today, children are to be beautiful and perfect. Such as we dreamed, and even better: such that everyone would envy us. It is not enough that Zosia or Krzyś are liked by mom and dad. They are to be appreciated by a wide audience. We are to receive unequivocal assurance that they are beautiful, that we have succeeded. This is to build our "ego", give us the feeling that we have really achieved something, that the little ones will be "someone". That is why we decorate them in various ways. Unless we cross a certain thin border, everything seems fine, worse when we take a step too far ... and ...

Anyway, see these meaningful photos yourself.

My sense of "beauty" is lost somewhere in all this ... I'm sorry when I look at these girls. What do you think? Do you like several-year-olds turned into adult women? With tips, makeup, stiff curls and expensive jewelry?