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Colorful, sweet ... unnecessary. Vitamin supplements for children.

Colorful, sweet ... unnecessary. Vitamin supplements for children.

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The press and television feed us with colorful ads preparations for all problems: immunity, concentration, lack of appetite. Advertising slogans are not as tempting as they are provoke: do you love your child? Give him such and such vitamins! Do you want your child to grow up healthy? Give him this and that! Don't you give It's simple: you don't love and you don't want it to be healthy. Do colored pills really help our children?

Rules for proper dietary supplementation

If your child suffers from anemia, has deficiencies resulting from the elimination diet, illness, etc., the doctor will recommend the appropriate dose and type of preparation. Rather, it will not be containing 100% of the daily demand "for everything" preparation from advertising.

Children under 3 years of age are not allowed to give any supplements on their own, because it is easiest for young children to overdose. Preventively in Poland, we supplement children with vitamins D and K, omega 3 acids. These are common deficiencies resulting from our lifestyle - the diet of the average Polish family does not meet the demand for the above. What about the rest? Most often they are served for a reason.

What is the usual administration of supplements?

The child himself asks for vitamins known from advertising. Colorful, tasty pills, additional gadgets, advertising campaigns - they do theirs. Children eagerly eat sweets, and this is the shape most often taken by this type of preparation. Parents do a bear favor. Leaded by love and care, holy believing in the salutary power of vitamins, they give advertised pills of happiness. Popular preparations of this type contain "generally recommended amounts" of minerals and vitamins. General - that is, for everyone. And for nobody at the same time. It is practically impossible for a child to have such a large vitamin deficiency that all ingredients of a given preparation work in his favor. Meanwhile, an excess of vitamins in the form of jelly beans or colored pills not only does not help your child, but can seriously harm him.

Who eats vitamins?

It turns out that most children get vitamin preparations ... those who need them least. This is due to min. from the prices of products available on the market. They are not cheap. Therefore, they get the children of wealthier parents, i.e. those whose diet is usually better anyway.


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