You will walk ... or Upsee

You will walk ... or Upsee

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Diagnosis: "your child will not walk" can cause shock, disbelief, denial. How is that It is impossible. Why me? Is it possible to organize it somehow, will the child be independent, manage in a very demanding world? Will the disease go back? Is this a temporary problem only?

Walking problems can be caused by many factors: genetic diseases, cerebral palsy, fall, accident. It is difficult to list all possible scenarios. It is impossible to predict everything.

Wherever a problem arises, however, the child's suffering is observed and he realizes his own needs and dreams, where creativity is born.

The Firefly product line was created ... from the need of the heart to enable the child to develop best. Firefly products are dedicated to two groups of children from 1 to 3 years old and from 3 to 5. Special reinforced sling seats allow walking with a parent and a fairly "normal" life: thanks to them the toddler can sit on the chair, get excited on a swing, reach places that were previously out of reach for him ...

Upsee is a specially constructed carrier which, thanks to Velcro and fastening on the legs and waist, allows children who have been sentenced to a stroller to "walk".

The product will be available for sale from April 7. The cost is $ 300.

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