Genetic wastefulness

Genetic wastefulness

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Scientists from Hastling University in Maine have selected the gene responsible for ... extravagance.

It turns out that the propensity to spending more than you earn is not a matter of economy. Dr. Jeff Brenett, who led the study, states: We are at the threshold of a new era. Thanks to the work done in the laboratory, we know with certainty that wastefulness is not the result of upbringing, getting used to luxury or nonchalance. The extravagance is a property of a given organism, it cannot be fought with it, it cannot be eradicated in any way.

In some of the examined objects this gene is called dominant gene, it means that it practically rules the actions of man. During laboratory tests it was revealed that women are the carriers of the Brenetta gene three times more often. The study was conducted on a group of 150 people of different ages. It turns out that This gene is already visible in little girls: I have repeatedly observed the destructive behavior of the surveyed several-year-olds. While playing in the store, they tried to put all available products in the cart, regardless of their value. In the case of children's play, this is not a problem, but remember that these girls will soon become consumers. In a real store, this behavior can harm, especially if such a woman will have a credit card- comments Dr. Brenett. K
the oil stage of the research is to be in vivo tests.

We are currently looking for suitable candidates. The study has consist of sending a group of genetically charged women for shopping. Each of them will get a payment card with a certain amount and the possibility of taking a debit - only in exceptional circumstances. The goal is to thoroughly investigate the mechanisms of action of the Brenetta gene, to determine when it involves control of the individual. The research of the team of scientists from Maine is not only intended to study the discovered gene: in the near future we intend to start research into the development of a vaccine. Thanks to our work, many women will regain control over their own lives! Marital crises, debts, and in extreme cases even divorces - this is what people with genetic extravagance have to face, explains Dr. Brenett.

We have nothing but to wait. It is possible that soon the wastefulness will be considered a genetic disease, and until the development of an effective vaccine, the state, although to a small extent, will refund purchases made under the influence of the Brenetta gene.