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Words that are easier to pronounce as a child

Words that are easier to pronounce as a child

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Small children are not ashamed to show up feelings, do not suppress emotions, forgive more easily, most often they are sincere to the pain, they are not ashamed to ask for help, they are trustful, they can fascinate in the eyes and constantly wonder the world again, find happiness in ordinary, seemingly trivial things, have more courage in them and are less likely to feel shame. Growing up, we lose many of these qualities ...
The band Hurt once sang a song about longing for childhood: "I would like to be always innocent and true, I would like to be always full of faith and hope. Just like Bolek and Lolek ... ". We often remember the time when we were children with affection.

We feel the sentiment for the place and people with whom we spent the youngest years of our lives. Even when fate throws us to a very remote corner of the earth, it is in this "yard" and among "these people" that we will always feel at home.

Adulthood imposes on us many duties and responsibilities. Childhood is carefree time. Time that passed then definitely slower and let us enjoy life. Today, when we have grown up, the joy of everyday life does not come so easily.

We are no longer children - we will tell. We have work, family, problems and responsibilities. Nothing is as easy as it used to be. It is true. But maybe our lives would be easier if we could recover what we lost somewhere along the way, heading for adulthood. What children usually come through easily, and often causes us a problem. That something is easy to say:

I love you

I love you mommy - probably every mother is waiting for these words. It is "I love you" without "buts". Unconditional. Children have much greater ease of showing affection than adults, and their emotions are sincere and true. They need hugging, kissing, warm words and are not ashamed to ask for it. Growing up, we lose this skill. Showing feelings causes us a much bigger problem, we suppress our true emotions for fear of misunderstanding and rejection.

I forgive you

Caring for a small child is a real challenge. No matter how much we read about it, how much we will learn from our colleagues, doctors, midwife or how many courses we will finish, we will never do everything right. Being a parent is continuous learning. Making mistakes and drawing conclusions. The sooner we realize that something like an ideal parent does not exist, the better for us. The child will certainly forgive us a lot ...