8 sentences that do not tell the parents of the newborn

8 sentences that do not tell the parents of the newborn

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Are you sleeping well

Even if you have an exceptionally calm child, you know that it is difficult to talk about sleeping when the care of the baby is very absorbing. The first weeks of life pass for parents learning to care for a new family member. Therefore, the question in the category - you sleep well - makes no sense.

The answer is simple: no, I don't sleep well.

Let me know if you need me

Instead of asking or helping, help. Instead of telling your young mother to speak for herself, suggest something specific. It's definitely easier than expecting extra effort from a person who has enough new responsibilities anyway, which he often can't handle as if he wants ...

Sure, it's not about imposing itself, but to come up with a specific proposal. Instead of asking vaguely what can be treated as a courtesy, exchange a courtesy, suggest that you escort an older child to kindergarten, do shopping, wash windows, bring dinner. Tell me what exactly you can do. Make sure it's not a problem for you. There is a chance that you will be useful for something specific.

Has it learned to fall asleep by itself?

Do you still need you? Impossible. I don't think anything is right with him.

Well, let's expect a lot more from newborns. Even if they strongly protest, we live in such times that we can't afford to waste a single moment.

Is he still crying? Leave it, let it cry

Every parent has the right to a moment for themselves. Five minutes of peace to gather your thoughts. However, those who are next to them should support and give strength, not take it away - showing their own powerlessness and suggesting ideas from the category close the door, and the child after 20 minutes will get bored and stop crying.