Where to shop for children

Where to shop for children

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Where can we buy the cheapest nappies and dinners for children? Follow our list!


  • Pampers diapers in Real for 54.99 PLN (one diaper for 0.57 groszy)
  • Pampers Maxi Pack diapers at Super-Pharm at PLN 47.99 instead of PLN 53.99
  • Pampers diapers (size 3-150 pieces, other sizes also available_ at Carrefour for PLN 79.95).
  • Huggies nappies of different sizes at Tesco for 27.99 PLN instead of 31.99 PLN.
  • Linomag baby care cream in Real for PLN 6.99
  • Bobini baby wipes in Real at PLN 12.49 for 3 packs
  • baby wet wipes 80 pieces in Kaufland for 6.66 instead of 7.99 zlotys.
  • Bobini baby shampoo in Real at PLN 5.69,
  • Babydream, 250ml lotion for children in Rossmann for 5.99 zlotys instead of 7.99 zlotys
  • Babydream, Comfort Oil, handkerchiefs with oils 80 pieces in Rossmann for PLN 5.99 instead of PLN 6.99
  • Johnson's Baby cosmetics at Super-Pharm 30% cheaper
  • Nuk liquid for washing bottles at Super-Pharm at PLN 14.99 instead of PLN 19.99
  • Bobini selected care products 30% cheaper at Super-Pharm
  • Penaten - the whole series at Super-Pharm 20% cheaper


  • Bebiko baby milk 350 g at PLN 14.39 in Real, the same milk at Polo Market is available at PLN 16.49,
  • Enfamil milk in Super-Pharm for PLN 43.99
  • Milk-rice porridge for children Bobovita in Real for PLN 6.99. In Polo Market, however, the same porridge is available for PLN 11.99 (twice 230 grams).
  • Nestle Healthy Belly Porridge at Tesco for PLN 9.79 instead of PLN 10.99.
  • Nestlé Milk-rice porridge 230 g 4 for the price of 3 in Carrefour - 5.84 zlotys per piece when buying 4 pieces.
  • Bobovit children's dessert in Real at PLN 2.79 and Kaufland at PLN 2.35 instead of PLN 2.69. On the other hand, in Polo Market, 2 times 190 grams of BoboVita desserts for PLN 6.99, and twice 125 grams for PLN 4.69 (also Polo Market).
  • Bobovita children's lunch twice 190 grams for PLN 7.69 in the Polo Market. And twice 250 grams for PLN 8.99.
  • Gerber My first dessert A delicate banana after 4 months 130 g in Carrefour for PLN 2.89.
  • BoboVita children's dishes in Real for PLN 5.49
  • Hipp Bio 190-200 g soups for children at Super-Pharm for PLN 4.79
  • Babydream BiO, fruit dessert 190 g in Rossmann for PLN 2.99
  • Babydream BiO, mother's tea, 20 bags, selected offer at Rossmann for PLN 4.99
  • nBabydream BiO, vegetable dinner 190 g, selected offer at Rossmann for PLN 2.69 instead of PLN 3.49
  • Emolium whole brand 30% cheaper at Super-Pharm
  • A-Derma the whole series 25% cheaper at Super-Pharm
  • Oilatum emulsion for body care 500 ml +1 for free at PLN 79.99 (set) at Super-Pharm.


  • Winnie the Pooh ride in Real at PLN 79.95 instead of PLN 129.99.
  • Babydream, a brush for washing bottles in Rossmann for PLN 5.99.

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