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The first day of spring - how do we celebrate it today?

The first day of spring - how do we celebrate it today?

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Traditionally, the first day of spring is celebrated on March 21. Not this year, when astronomical spring came to us faster: March 20. This is to remain so until 2102. Until 2044, the first day of spring may be hosted in some years even earlier, on March 19.

When does spring start?

Astronomical spring begins when the sun crosses the equator. This is the moment called by the astronomers the spring equinox.

Confusion with dates - the shift of the traditional first day of spring from March 21 to March 20 - is associated with a little-known processional movement that our planet performs, which is not included in any calendars.

Since pagan times, the first day of spring is associated with great events and celebrations. The idea was to obtain energy and find strength for the new year and to symbolically say goodbye to winter, associated with dangers and troubles.

What are the customs of celebrating the first day of spring today?

Colorful pageants

The first day of spring today in many kindergartens and in the first classes of elementary school is greeted by colorful spring processions, when children dress up in colorful costumes, take flowers (artificial or made of crepe) and loudly chase away winter and welcome spring.

Our ancestors used to enjoy shouts and knockers and rattling simple objects in a similar way because of the change of season.

Drowning or smoking Marzanna

Marzanna's drowning is a well-known Polish custom of unknown sources. The roots of this custom go back to pagan times, when fears about the future were presented and visualized through the puppet. Marzanna's habit of melting or smoking was to protect her from the quick return of short and rotten days.

Today, due to the care for the environment, melting Marzanna is no longer practiced so often. In many circles he is moving away. Also because drowning Marzanna is a risk of getting a ticket. In the opinion of some officers, this act may be interpreted as environmental pollution. However, as long as we make sure that Marzanna is made of natural materials - especially straw (it is better not to use plastic, PVC, polystyrene) to prepare it, we can be sure that our rite will not harm anyone: and above all, nature.

What instead of drowning Marzanna?

In many kindergartens and schools, instead of drowning Marzanna, figures from cardboard are prepared and painted in different colors, and then melted in a bowl of water. In others, a sports day is organized, with games on the pitch, without leaving school or going to the cinema or theater.

Wagarowicz Day

Although many schools do everything to attract students' attention with attractive activities, truancy is still practiced in many establishments on the first day of spring, when this can be done with impunity. On the other hand, it is March 21 that the police more often controls what happens in places often visited by students.

Both the pupils and students use truancy on the first day of spring. This is the tradition.


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