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Linseed for baby - is it worth it?

Linseed for baby - is it worth it?

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Linseed has received the recognition it deserves. He returns to grace again. In the end, he notices the potential and emphasizes the positive qualities that can be obtained for pennies. For everyone: an infant, small child and even pregnant women. How to use linseed?

Once, linseed was widely used. They were added to many dishes: salads, bread, baked goods. Today its benefits are slowly being discovered again. Although the use of flaxseed still raises many doubts. We will try to dispel them.

Basic advantages

Linseed, or flax seeds, contain large amounts of omega-3 (their content is similar to that present in fish), fiber (soluble and insoluble), zinc, iron, folic acid, magnesium and vitamins (including vitamins E, B17 - vitamin, which is considered by some as an effective way in cancer prevention), and is cheap and easily available. We will pay about PLN 5 for a 500 gram packaging.

Whole or ground?

Due to the fact that ground linseed oxidizes quickly, it is not recommended to buy linseed in this form, it is better to buy whole grains and prepare the right portion just before consumption (using a grinder or a strong blender). The unused portion can be stored in the fridge (however, it is recommended to prepare the linseed just before consumption).
After buying linseed, it is worth keeping in an airtight container at room temperature. After grinding, it is recommended to consume quickly to prevent rancid fats (linseed oil) in rancid.

We buy whole linseed (to ensure that it is not defatted) and grind it just before consumption (preferably in a mill specially bought for this) to be sure that all valuable substances will be absorbed after consumption.

How to give linseed?

After shredding linseed, we can add it to yogurt, cocktails, for salads, for sauces, as an ingredient in cutlet coating, for sprinkling sandwiches, for oat cookies, bread, etc. You can try out many configurations and options, making sure that your meal is more attractive. The taste of linseed is very good natural, hence it is easy to combine with various types of meals.

Linseed is available in two versions. It's recommended to choose for children golden linseedwhich has a more delicate flavor than brown linseed, although it is slightly more expensive than it.

It is also possible drink linseed (one tablespoon for ¾ cup water). When we add 2 tablespoons of pure, unsweetened cranberry juice, we will receive "Longevity Cocktail" (so named by dietitian Ann Louise Gittleman).