Vacation proposition - books for preschoolers that teach

Vacation proposition - books for preschoolers that teach

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Stories for children teach us to distinguish between good and evil, shape positive attitudes, give courage and help us deal with basic fears. In an interesting way they convey knowledge, which we parents often ineptly try to instill in children in the form of bans and orders. They explain what threatens careless behavior and how to behave in difficult situations. Among the proposals are those that are intended for younger children and those that can be successfully read with schoolchildren.

Classic children's stories - not just for pillows

How do you find yourself in adverse conditions in which giants live, and we are a small "guy", why is it sometimes better to choose a life without wealth, but away from many threats and stress, what threatens being in a vain? Classic children's fairy tales answer these questions: stories "Urban and Country Mouse", "Shoemaker and Dwarfs", "The King's New Clothes", "Gulliver in the Land of Giants".
"Grandma's stories" is a series of three books from the Bellona publishing house, which offers hardback-bound stories and content in large font. Reading this series can be done without putting on glasses. Grandma will read the books with great pleasure, but also the older toddler will read.

The books will appeal to the year-old (because of the pictures), it will not be a problem for a three-year-old child to understand the content, after reading which you can talk about the adventures of famous fairy-tale characters.

Classic children's stories sosrodzice

Basia's adventures, because there is a way out of every situation

Basia is a resolute five-year-old who learns about the world and allows her child to understand the reality that surrounds them. Basia's series of adventures shows a coherent world, not only children, but adults, with the mapping of details, defects and limitations that the reality that surrounds us shows. We recommend books for children from the age of four.
Before the holidays, it's particularly worth visiting the "Basia i bivak" and "Basia i heat w Zoo" books. The books are bound in hard covers. Special applause for interesting illustrations, prepared especially for the series. Far from the trashy images so often used in children's books.

Basia's adventures sosrodzice

Safe Child Academy - safe on holidays

Before traveling with a toddler on vacation, it is worth sensitizing the child to safety issues, teaching how to avoid threats. The Safe Child Academy is a series of books describing the adventures of two young children: Majka and Tomek, who, together with their loved ones, get to know the world and learn to operate safely in it.
On vacation, we recommend two "Safe by the water" and "Safe in the mountains" suggestions. Describing the safety rules in an interesting way and giving clear instructions on how to behave in an emergency situation, and finally collecting all the rules in points and enabling the cutting out of a special "ID card" with "stamps" that can be given to a child. The author of the adventures of Majka and Tomek is Justyna Święcicka: a psychologist and author of many awarded children's books and psychological guides.
We recommend the Safe Child Academy series for children from five to six years old.

Safe Child Academy sosrodzice
Thank you to Wilga and Bellona publishers for providing books for review.


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