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4 places where breastfeeding is prohibited

4 places where breastfeeding is prohibited

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A breastfeeding mother may be accused of causing scandal, immodesty, indecency, and sometimes even that her conduct is dangerous and must take the police away from the "crime scene".

Where can breastfeeding end this way?

Place of worship / church and breastfeeding

In 2012, an American woman was asked to leave the church because she was breast-feeding her child. She was offered to go to the toilet. She did not agree. Indignant, she left the church walls.

Another time in Camden County in the United States, a young mother began to feed a hungry son, a shuffled pastor compared her behavior to a stripper and ordered to leave the temple.

What does the matter look like in a Polish church? It turns out that a lot depends on priests. One priest is open and allows small children and their mothers to be kept freely, even organizing a place for children to play - he provides crayons, stuffed animals, blocks in the church, the other - categorically protests against all conveniences for young parents.

Some mothers are doing well in the church: feeding in a car parked under the church, near the sacristy or ... in the confessional.