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Stroller accessories for spring and summer

Stroller accessories for spring and summer

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How to prepare a pram for spring and summer? Nothing simpler, as the classic would say: you have to pimp them out. Below are some products that may be useful.

Universal Dooky cover

Umbrellas like to bend, blankets or diapers, while the Dooky cover can help a parent travel with a toddler in a deep pram or stroller, it can also be used with a car seat. According to the manufacturer's assurances, it fits most stroller models.

Dooky has special detachable wheels and straps that allow you to adjust the size of the product to suit your needs.

The casing is made of pure cotton. It has a UV50 filter, which protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays in 97%.

Price around 70 zlotys.