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A child on an airplane: how to survive a shorter and longer flight?

A child on an airplane: how to survive a shorter and longer flight?

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A child on an airplane. Tense parents counting down every minute, crying baby, and two-year-old running on the deck, fellow passengers significantly rolling their eyes and snorting ladies who raised their children during the time when no one was flying on vacation. Do you know it


The plane allows you to reach your destination quickly. Thanks to it, we can explore the whole world and show the beauty of the farthest corners to our children. Unfortunately, it is also a rather specific means of transport. Unlike a train, car or streetcar, we can't stop and get off. You can't escape it. When things go wrong, everyone is doomed to a small space where emotions accumulate and clash the needs of individual passengers. Fortunately, even if it's bad, it's difficult moments to survive with the thought that every trip ends sometime ...

Children on the plane

Parents who face the prospect of traveling with children for the first time usually have a lot of doubts. They wonder how they will survive a journey with an infant who has only been in a car seat while driving. The baby's lap may be a problem, especially if the child does not want to sleep and the journey lasts a long time. There is nothing to wonder that 10 or 15 kilos on your knees for two or five hours is pure pleasure. Many parents say they don't necessarily ...

Then salvation turns out to be a free place next to the parent (when all the seats have not been bought on the plane, it is worth making sure that the additional one served us). Theoretically, the option is practically not practiced: giving up a 90% discount and buying a separate seat for a child up to the age of two, i.e. a full ticket.

How to convince an active two-year-old that there is such a moment during the flight when you have to sit and there is simply no other way? About this in a moment, but first the formalities.


Before you seriously think about traveling, be sure to take care of the formalities, i.e. basic documents. While in most countries you can travel with an ID card, you need a passport outside of it. Both the ID card and passport are valid for children for 5 years.
Please also note the picture. The Ministry of the Interior points out that the background of the photograph should be white, no objects or toys should be on it. The child is to have his mouth closed (he cannot have a pacifier) ​​and his eyes open. All these requirements can be quite embarrassing, especially for the youngest babies.
Please note the validity of the passport. Some countries require the document to be valid for at least three or six months.

Traveling by plane with a newborn baby

From a formal point of view, you cannot take a child under the age of one week. This would also not be possible due to the inability to produce a document.

It's best to hold off until you leave two or three months. The smallest children are inadequately prepared to travel in changed conditions - dry air, pressure changes, viruses and bacteria, which in the ventilation ducts and air conditioning on board are more than in other public places. To this should be added a large number of people and a small space: all this can effectively make the flight with the youngest children difficult.

When can a woman travel by plane after delivery?

Although most women do not leave their babies one step after giving birth, in the case of a young mother traveling separately, there is a rule to wait 2 to 10 days before boarding the plane (the type of delivery and the condition of the woman are usually important). Each airline sets its own rules.