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"Pytaki" - a family game

"Pytaki" - a family game

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Do you know everything about your child? Do you know your three year old / five year old / ten year old? Do you know what your son or daughter dream about, what they want, how they like to spend time?

What are the answers to the questions if you refer them to your other half: partner, husband? Do you know what is most important for the person who falls asleep next to you, what he is afraid of, what he desires and what he does not support?

On a daily basis, there is usually no proper atmosphere for honest conversations. In place of important issues, there are really commands, requests that the child put on shoes, get dressed, wash his hands, do not return too late. Everyday life passes on many duties, when the goal is simple: that everything works. Well ... Meanwhile, the better we know our children and people close to us, the better chance we have for a deeper relationship with them.

"Pytaki": a family game that allows you to take the first step to improving relationships and learning something important about your loved ones help in this.


  • "Pytaki" is a simple game for the whole family,
  • You can already play two people, there is no upper number of players,
  • Just open the box and play.
  • You do not need to learn the rules, read the complex rules of the game.
  • The game allows you to get to know the whole family better.
  • Practices communication skills: speaking and active listening,
  • Great integrates the whole family.
  • It allows you to break the ice and start important conversations under the pretext of having fun together.
  • The game is well made (editorial, graphically)
  • Plus for the high quality.

The game consists in drawing tokens (Pytaków) and answering questions or completing tasks. Listening to answers allows everyone to get to know each other better and get closer to each other, providing a valuable platform for conversations. In addition, the set includes cubes that allow the youngest participants to throw the game. A special notebook allows you to write important thoughts and feelings cards to complete tasks.

For us, "Pytaki" is an interesting way for a family afternoon and evening. I would recommend!

Price: 69 zlotys