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How to deal with anxiety and pain during delivery?

How to deal with anxiety and pain during delivery?

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Childbirth is a long-awaited moment when we are expecting a baby. Finally comes the day when we will see our baby for the first time. The emotions that accompany this moment can be very different. Many women only then realize that the child will somehow have to leave the womb. And here appears in most future mothers - fear. Fear of what is to come. How does panic affect delivery? How can we control our emotions and prepare for the inevitable? And finally: How can we reduce labor pain?

What is anxiety caused?

Fear of childbirth is primarily fear of the unknown. We don't know what to expect. We do not know how much it will hurt and how it will endure our body. In addition, we may be afraid that we will not manage. We often want to look better than a sister, friend or friend who told us how quickly she gave birth to her first child - without anesthesia.

The concerns that arise during childbirth also apply to the child himself. Will it be healthy? Will he receive the maximum amount of points on the Apgar scale? And many, many others that our imagination gives us.

In a word, when labor delivery occurs, we outline our own scenario - sometimes very pessimistic. Does it help to give birth?

How does anxiety affect labor?

Unfortunately, fear does not help in labor. What's more, fear can effectively hinder childbirth, and to top it all off - it can increase the pain felt at the birth of a child.

Lack of cooperation with the midwife and doctor contributes to stopping the labor and delaying the birth of the child. Instead of pushing during contractions, we think only of the accompanying pain and anxiety, which increases with us every moment.

If you think during the entire pregnancy that it will be somehow - after all, the baby must come into the world - and you are not looking for any information about childbirth, then eventually you may get shocked. You may find that you are not mentally prepared and fear will paralyze you. What's more, the delivery will turn out to be beyond your control and instead of going smoothly and quickly - it will seem to you forever.