Body extension cord

Body extension cord

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Every parent is forced to look through the child's wardrobe from time to time and choose good clothes and swap the smaller ones for larger ones. In this way, systematic shopping is forced on us. It would seem nothing simpler: go and buy. Meanwhile, it is not so easy. We must take into account discrepancies in the size, and in addition, problems in choosing the type of clothes. There is also a price problem. Manufacturers put the parent's patience to the test.

There are more arguments for having an extension cord. Low cost and good performance are the biggest advantages.


  • the possibility of extending the use of clothes,
  • particularly recommended for a short-sleeved body,
  • to use if the long-sleeved body has long sleeves,
  • when we have a problem with the buckle strap fastening,
  • the neckline is deep and the fasteners are worn,
  • with reusable diapers that can "enlarge the bottom".

Ekoubranka body extension cord is a good solution for parents who want to extend the "life" of clothes for babies. The manufacturer provides extension cords in several colors, ensures matching to most models of baits.

Good quality of this smart gadget is confirmed by high quality workmanship. Ecological material (100% cotton from a Polish producer) was used for the production. In addition, latches and naps are studded at the factory using a penumatic iron. They are nickel-free, which allows them to be used in children who are allergic to nickel.

Unfortunately, the extension cord does not match the body with plastic latches. There may also be a problem if the snaps have an unusual spacing.

Still, it seems worth it. For the price of 8 zlotys we will get a nice product that can be used in most of the baits on the market.

In addition, you can get extension cords with two naps, in different colors and sewn from different materials. You can also buy extension cords in sets (cheaper option).

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