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Too poor for a child?

Too poor for a child?

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Every fifth child in Poland is taken away from parents for social reasons. Why? It is becoming more and more widely talked about the fact that the commune pays to transfer children from poor families to an orphanage, because they do not have to pay extra for social benefits, all thanks to the new law on preventing domestic violence, which opened the door to numerous pathologies.

Children's homes are paid from poviat funds. On the other hand, municipalities are to help families in need of support. Unfortunately, the municipalities are poor and often they cannot afford to pay extra for families with three or five children, so that parents can look after and raise numerous offspring. It is easier to "send" children to nursing homes than to help their families financially survive difficult times. In this way, institutions shift their responsibilities. Only such action or "savings" are illusory. In an orphanage, childcare can cost two to five thousand zlotys. Not to mention the most important thing: a child peeled for families (for whatever reason) is a great drama.

Parents living modestly and raising children without luxuries must also face numerous stereotypes. In many institutions (social workers, probation officers, courts) they are looked at through the filter: alcohol, violence, pathology. Families experience labeling and its effects before someone decides to get to the sources and see how people actually do. Meanwhile, the European Convention on the Exercise of Children's Rights clearly emphasizes that court is the last resort, it should be started with family work, i.e. in the event of poverty: the state or social workers should help parents find a job. Only so much or so much ...

However, the cause of the problem lies elsewhere. A social worker is obliged to report any suspected violence. Meanwhile, a provision has recently been in operation that treats poverty, including innocent poverty, as a symptom of violence ... It is more and more often said that reports are sent just in case, so that nobody would suspect anyone of neglect. Cases in which the problem of violence does not de facto occur more and more often go to courts. And this is how children are increasingly taken away from parents in Poland.