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Granna "Cat in a sack"

Granna "Cat in a sack"

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"Cat in a sack" is a game for the whole family, which is based on a simple but well-known principle: elements of thick cardboard are placed in a canvas bag (attached), the player draws an item and tries to guess (without looking) what he depicts. When he manages to guess, he sets the pawn on the chosen field.

The manufacturer in the attached instructions explains how to play, explaining the rules. It presents three different ways, thanks to which the board game can be used for a long time, without the risk of getting bored.

  • Plus for good, careful workmanship.
  • Elements made of cardboard are very durable.
  • There is no fear that they will be destroyed (unless someone wants to spoil them intentionally).
  • Diversified level of difficulty. "Cat in a poke" are various items, some of which can be guessed immediately, while others require a lot of focus.
  • The game teaches perceptiveness and creativity.

Age range: 3-4, 5-8 years old.

Price: around PLN 30.

Number of players: 1-6 children