"I've tried everything" Isabelle Filliozat

"I've tried everything" Isabelle Filliozat

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Fury attacks in a hypermarket, ignoring bans, siblings fights, room clutter and night screams - behaviors that we usually consider as a manifestation of rebellion or arrogance, often really result from a given stage of the child's brain development. This does not mean, however, that you can't counteract them or avoid them!

Isabelle Filliozat, author of the excellent guide "In the heart of a child's emotions", and Anouk Dubois present examples of attitudes in the form of a funny book positive parenting. Thanks to the advice of these experienced mothers, you will find that if you devote a little attention to your child in critical moments, your everyday life will become much easier and more joyful.

If you have already tried everything and still do not know how to master your naughty, screaming child, reach for this unique, transparent guide - solutions to educational problems are much simpler than you think!

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The premiere of "I've tried everything" Isabelle Filliozat 23.05.2013