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Cheaper versions of known products for children - 5 discoveries

Cheaper versions of known products for children - 5 discoveries

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There are products for children on the market that we can buy at a very attractive price. They do not differ from more expensive and almost identical goods, and are just as durable, simply sufficient.

Below are 5 products worth buying if you don't want to overpay ...

Ikea potty with removable insert

The potty has a very practical structure. It has non-slip pads that ensure that it stands firmly on the selected surface. In addition, for which you can like it very much, it has a removable insert that allows you to easily empty the content. In addition, the potty Ikea has a special "funnel" that facilitates cleaning the potty.

We will pay about 20 zlotys for the potty from Ikea. For comparison, a similar potty (but with the "playing" option, i.e. the ability to record various sounds rewarding puppies' achievements) we will pay PLN 200.

Hooded towel

At Ikea, we also get a thick, good-quality towel with a hood, large enough to work for a small and larger baby, it can also be used later for a two-or three-year-old. It is available in several versions and at a good price of less than PLN 25. For comparison, other models are available on the market from other brands of similar quality, but twice as expensive.

Cheaper Lego blocks

Sluban blocks

There are countless blocks on the market, various types (read). Lego are undoubtedly the most popular option: both for the youngest (Duplo) and older versions. The number of designs, possible combinations, styles is countless, most of them are protected by a patent, a law that is often broken in "travels".

The Polish manufacturer Cobi provides interesting blocks that many people recommend in place of Lego. For an example set of blocks 400 elements we will pay 100 zlotys. Additionally, by choosing Cobi, we support Polish entrepreneurship. These blocks are compatible with Lego.

From a small producer, Cobi has grown into the second largest sales in Europe and the third in the world. Cobi blocks are popular even among Danes, where customers are eager to reach for a cheaper alternative to Lego.

Another cheaper version of Lego blocks is Sluban's. Here we will receive a set of 235 elements for PLN 26. The blocks are rated as a good quality product, almost identical to Lego.