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Glucose-fructose syrup the cause of "all evil"?

Glucose-fructose syrup the cause of "all evil"?

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Official recommendations seem clear. It is worth protecting the child from ubiquitous sugar as long as possible. In the first year of life, he should not be in the baby's diet at all.

Meanwhile, porridges from well-known brands have sugar in second place. Paradox? Inconsistency?

To justify the big concerns it is worth adding that they warn on the packaging to give porridge (due to "calorific value") to the baby once a day. Of course, they do not mention that the competition offers products without the addition of sugar. This knowledge must be acquired by the parent himself.

However, sugar is not the only problem. For older children, products are proposed that have sweet additives known by many names, also as glucose-fructose syrup. This component has repeatedly caused a real storm on the internet. However, rightly so?

Addicted child

Omnia sunt venena, nihil est sine veneno. Sola dosis facit venenum.
(Everything is poison and nothing is poison because only the dose makes the poison.) / Phillippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, colloquially known as Paracelus /

The older the child, the greater the permission for sweet snacks. It is difficult to live in the illusion that it is possible to save a few years from sugar in one form or another. Sooner or later you meet them, you can't raise a child in a vacuum.

On the other hand, as parents, we have the right to strive for the toddler to eat "healthy sweets", and not those that, in addition to sugar, also contain glucose-fructose syrup and many other ingredients that are supposed to cause addiction.

Manufacturers are doing everything to deepen the children's desire to eat sweet snacks. Thanks to balancing blood sugar (and this effect is observed after a sweet feast), the toddler learns what to do to improve his mood again. In this way, another generation of loyal consumers is growing, which as a side effect has more and more problems with diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Fluctuations in blood glucose levels change children's moods. Just after eating a bar, for example, the blood sugar level increases rapidly, the child is happy, has a lot of energy, then drops quickly (he is tired, grumbles, often strives to get another sweet snack). In addition, excess sugar reduces immunity (due to the severity of putrefaction in the intestines), promotes the recurrence of infection and the development of allergies.

Confusion with Kubuś Play

Already a few months ago we asked the producer Kubuś why glucose-fructose syrup is added to some products (for example Kubuś Play drink). Unfortunately, our question has been ignored.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago on the Internet boiled as a result of information given in Radio Szczecin, in which a worried parent indicated that Winnie Play does not freeze at temperatures below 0 degrees. The text was quickly shared and sent out, displaying on many websites. The producer, who had to face the voices of indignation, explained that it is not because of the "chemistry" that the drink does not freeze, but because each liquid has a different freezing point (0 degrees refers to distilled water). This is how the lecture of physics began ... for the uninitiated.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer still did not address the doubts that justify why glucose-fructose syrup is added to Winnie Play, a children's product. An ingredient that is unhealthy and really unnecessary ...

Glucose-fructose syrup does not provide any valuable ingredients, raises the level of bad cholesterol and reduces the brain's sensitivity to leptin, a hormone that informs you of satiety. Therefore, it intensifies the appetite, increases the risk of developing sensitive bowel syndrome. The high level of glycemic index means that after consuming glucose-fructose syrup, blood sugar levels rise.


Is only Winnie Play?

Glucose-fructose syrup is not added to every product ("ordinary" Winnie is not in the composition), but it is very popular and can be found in many products. It is used in juices of other brands, some wafers, biscuits, biscuits, fruit yoghurts, etc.

Should one be afraid, or the Cuban boycott ...

Certainly the "bad" composition of Winnie Play is not a reason to boycott. No child will be seriously harmed if he drinks a drink with glucose-fructose syrup from time to time. It will not "shine" (referring to the terminology of a well-known blogger), there is no fear that it will immediately get fat and get dangerous diseases. The risk lies elsewhere: namely, addiction to high blood sugar, which makes the toddler want to eat sweet snacks more and more. The addiction effect that appears is strong enough to be dangerous. The same appears after eating a large amount of sugar-sweetened sweets.

It is definitely worth repeating what is often said on this occasion. One should strive to be an informed consumer and not believe in every word of the producer, ensuring in advertisements or materials created by marketing specialists.

It's good to read labels carefully and avoid products that "pretend to be healthy." The more aware we are the consumer, the better for us and our children. When making good decisions every day, we do not have to be afraid of what our child will eat or drink from time to time. It is worth maintaining moderation and common sense in everything. Also in the context of all conspiracy theories.


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