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Let's hurry to carry children, they grow so quickly

Let's hurry to carry children, they grow so quickly

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Who of the parents doesn't like or misses the moment when our little child defenselessly cuddles his chest and warms us with his warmth? We feel needed then, we gain the will to live and we are proud of such boundless trust. We want this moment to last as long as possible, never to end.There is a way to prolong such moments. To create an opportunity for them and to enjoy mutual joy with them. It's enough to give up the pram from time to time during daily walks and "switch" to the baby carrier.

I write this quite perversely during the winter, when many parents are thinking about leaving the house at all, and certainly can not imagine walking without a gondola, sleeping bag and four wheels. I am writing this also when Polish synoptics predict the return of snow and frost. I would suggest carrying a baby carrier. It is really a pleasant, safe and healthy way to spend time actively.

Speaking of a baby carrier, I am thinking of a fabric seat for a child without a frame, attached to the front or back of the parent with shoulder straps and a lap belt. I do not consciously address the topic of scarves (woven, elastic, circular or tied) of Asian slings (mei-tai, bei-bei, hmong, podegies, onbuhimo) and rack travel slings, with which I have had sporadic contact so far.

We can classify baby carriers depending on selected factors.

Because of the child's age and weight We distinguish between baby carriers:

    • from birth up to 15 months or 14 kg;
    • from birth up to 36 months or 20 kg;
    • from 5 months to 20 kg;
    • from 11 kg to 22 kg.


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