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Customer service in the style of 5.10.15

Customer service in the style of 5.10.15

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5.10.15 is a brand known among parents. Available in almost every major supermarket, displaying its news to a huge group of people on FB profile and in front of online store monitors.

Observing the brand's profile on Facebook over the past few weeks, I have received promotions many times. And which ones! Up to 75%! It's impressive, right? It's nice to buy something for a few zlotys ... "And this is a bite" I thought and clicked, spending time browsing the site where proudly displayed products that ... are not there. And even if they are, they are not discounted by 75%, but at much higher prices ...

Although, in total, these also are not. What am I writing? Well, see for yourself.

My insights were not isolated. On the brand profile, there are entries of dissatisfied customers who cannot order goods that are theoretically in the store, they are displayed at the top, but after clicking on the image it turns out that they are unavailable.

In addition, similar opinions appear not once, not twice on the brand's profile, but repeatedly. The owner of 5.10.15 doesn't know much about it. The crib continues.

The profile features quite an interesting fashion of "adding" goods at a promotional price. Otherwise the sale of 75% is "broken" into stages, which gives the impression that individual pieces of heavily reduced clothing ... really only work on paper. They are not in the store. There is one goal: for someone to click and buy ... anything.

In competitive stores, the amounts of discounts usually change: at first we are offered a 30% discount, then 40%, 50%, etc. It seems to make sense. As the amount of the discount increases, the amount of goods decreases. 10.10.15 works differently.