Tuloko traveler's safe table

Tuloko traveler's safe table

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Tuloko is a novelty on the market, an offer from a Polish producer that conquers the parents' hearts by storm. The manufacturer set himself an easy task: to create a table to facilitate the journey and occupy the little ones in a car seat, in a pram, while traveling by train or while traveling by plane.

How does the product work in practice? Our two editors tested the table.


He likes to discuss many topics. He doesn't know taboos. He does not like exaggeration and pushing only one trend in education.

The table is intended for children from two years. The daughter is three years old. He loves to draw, solve puzzles, cut and stick. Therefore, it seems that the table should delight her ...

The first impression is curiosity. We saw the Tuloko product from all sides. Plus for the performance, light weight, easy to carry in a transparent case. Noteworthy are the pockets on the sides of the table where you can hide crayons, markers, books and snacks.

Due to the fact that the table has a large top and high side walls, you can play on it in various ways, spreading cards, puzzles, mini games.

Installation is easy. The table can be attached to the car seat. We have also tested two strollers with a handle that it also fit, although the manufacturer assumes that it can be combined with most models of strollers with a handle (i.e. it may happen that it will not fit everyone). Where it is not possible to attach it to a car seat or pram, there is another option about which the customer is informed on the packaging. You can fasten the strap on the child's back and in this case allow the child to detach the table.

The downside is that the child cannot disassemble the table (if the table is mounted behind the child seat). When driving a car, stop to remove the table. Our energetic three-year-old was clearly unhappy that she couldn't unhook the table ... and she was forced to "his company" until we stopped ...

In addition, I am not convinced by the information on the packaging that the table can facilitate food during travel.

It is better that the child does not eat anything while driving. There is a risk of choking! However, this option should be used when mounting the table to the trolley. On the walk, you can put everything you need to eat in the open air (also using side pockets, into which you can fit even a smaller water bottle). This is a very practical and hygienic option. Thanks to the transparent cover, the table can be easily wiped and after fun prepared for lunch or afternoon tea.


My name is Kinga. I'am a mother. Normal, not staring at the child all day, but thinking about the real good of the whole family. I'm learning how to love myself and others. I know that I can only achieve this if I combine several roles.

The table seems to be an interesting solution, it has a map hidden under transparent foil. You can also hide your child's drawings here. It was made of soft foam, so it seems safe when traveling. The great advantage for me is the fact that it was made in Poland. I spent several minutes looking for a competitive product for this table: I didn't find it. And for this a huge plus! The producer fills the gap in the market. He creates a unique product, somehow setting a new trend.

I also like the opportunity to protect clothes and upholstery that this table guarantees. There is no fear that the child will get dirty during the journey (well, unless he paints his pen with sleeves or hands, especially when overcoming unevenness). The table adheres quite well to the car seat and surrounds the child on each side, which also allows you to be sure that nothing will fall on the toddler's lap during play. Thanks to the adjustable strap, it can be well adapted to the size of the car seat or pad in the car.

Unfortunately, during our tests, the table on Polish roads worked well on average. While "on the so-called route" is a practical gadget, traveling along them on uneven roads makes it difficult to discover all its advantages ... Not to mention the headache in children who have a problem with the labyrinth. The combination of drawing, focus below the chest and rocking can end with a forced stop and cleansing of the stomach contents ...

The downside is definitely the availability of only three colors: black, blue and red.

The price could also be lower. PLN 130 is too much in my opinion. In my opinion, the product should cost a maximum of PLN 90, then the price would be adequate to what the customer receives. However, the manufacturer decides to manufacture a table in Poland. Sure, if he moved production to China, he could reduce its cost ... but that's not the point.

Tuloko pays attention to table safety. The product is recommended by experts from the website as safe while driving.

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