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The 5 biggest childhood nightmares

The 5 biggest childhood nightmares

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In retrospect, we look at childhood differently. It seems to us that the past is a land of eternal happiness. It happens that we miss carefree, lack of "serious" duties, and children's freedom. Yes, children don't know what a mortgage is, they don't pay bills, they don't work. This does not mean, however, that childhood does not bring problems, by any means! They are! Not very serious from an adult perspective, but for a small person - huge.

Who do you love more: mom or dad?

Today, this question has practically fallen out of circulation, but in the past it hurt many small hearts. Usually asked by older ladies (never in bad faith), it caused confusion and anxiety.

The inquirers usually wanted a specific answer, they were not satisfied with the assurance that the kid loves both parents equally. They inquired about the subject. And the child?

On the one hand, he would say anything just to have peace, on the other, he would not show disloyalty to his mother or father.

To this day, I say that the most embarrassing and mindless question, that you can ask a child.

Sheepskin coat

In the old days, before food companies began to convince people that chocolate and sugar balls flooded with milk was the healthiest breakfast we can give a child, mothers cooked milk soups.

These dishes varied depending on the region, preferences and family traditions. To this day, many of us remember milk specialties in disgust, but they were not terrible to me. On the contrary, I ate appetizers of dumplings, rice and semolina.

The problem was the milk sheepskin coat. If the hot milk stood a bit too long, a greasy film formed on the surface, which effectively suppressed my appetite. Of course, you can put any delicacy served by mothers or grandmothers instead of a sheepskin coat. I bet you will find your "nightmare" in the milk-breakfast menu from your childhood.


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